4 Simple Menopause Ideas I Wish I Knew Before I Was Caught By Surprise

Eleven million Spanish women are going through the climacterichowever, socially it continues to be an issue invisible. Martha Lenchemical engineer specializing in nutrition and female hormonal healthjust published The invisible revolution. Take care of your hormones after 40 (Ed. Lunwerg). “If we don’t talk about it, it’s normal for us to reach this stage of life with great ignorance and thinking that everything we’ve read about the dreaded menopause It’s going to happen to us,” he explains. Hot flushes, weight gainrise of cholesterol, depressioneach of the libido… Anyone is overwhelmed. But it is not so. “Not all women go through the climacteric in the same way, nor do we all start menstruating in the same way or have their period in the same way. Our passage through the menopause depend on how our hormone health“.

Menopause: the good and the bad

What is clear is that there will be changes and that, in all cases suppose a revolution. “In the same way that the passage through the puberty carry with him intense and convulsive changes, both physical -breast enlargement, appearance of hair on the body…- and in the state of consciousness; on the menopause too.” In this sense, Martha Len claims an activist role by explaining to us that, during the climacteric, a very positive change in the woman. “We cannot deny the negative and uncomfortable part of her but we must remember that the menopause also brings with it very positive transformations to level of consciousness that, accompanied by their own Vital experienceleads women to a state of greater serenity, discernment and wisdomwhich is hardly talked about”.

4 keys to self-care so that meopause does not take you by surprise

It is important to include fresh foods such as vegetables and fruits, soups and creams in the diet and, of course, drink plenty of water.

It is important to include fresh foods such as vegetables and fruits, soups and creams in the diet and, of course, drink plenty of water.Getty

With a comprehensive approach to travel the menopauseand the climacteric in its entirety, Martha Len recommends incorporating 4 self-care habits to our life since we arrived at the 40 years.

  1. Practice a diet rich in protein and good fats. Taking care of what we eat is key to preparing for the arrival of the menopause. During our climacteric metabolism changes and that will affect the weight gain. “The “real” and varied food is more necessary than ever. Rich in proteins -meat, fish, eggs…- and good fats -olive oil, avocado… and sources of omega 3- because they help us to preserve external and internal tissues, ensure cognitive health and keep the inflammation“. In addition, “it is essential to avoid processed foods -too sweet and with additives- at this stage”, explains Marta León.
  2. Move every day.. “Move, not just practice exercise, it is always essential, but more at this stage in which, in addition, it is more difficult for us to do so. I recommend both exercises force What cardio. Is about preserve the muscle that we have since, with the drop in estrogens that occurs in the climactericour ability to produce it is reduced and its role is key to protecting the bone matrix and the joints”. walk the famous 10,000 steps? “It is worth as an alternative if we do not do any exercise but it is always better to complete it with strength and cardio exercises,” says Marta.
  3. Hydrate your body. “Not only your skin but your whole body needs a lot of water in the menopause. It is important to include in the diet fresh food like vegetables and fruits soups and creams and of course to drink abundant water. Proper hydration keeps the mucosa of the humid areas of the body such as the mouth, the vagina, the uterus…”, explains Marta León.
  4. Learn to manage stress correctly. “The stress in supposes a continuous energy leak. From the age of approximately 45 our energy is a treasure that should not be wasted. stress releases cortisol, adrenaline which, together with the changes in our body, accentuate hot flashes. Lower the activity of our sympathetic system and activate the parasympathetic to calm the stress will help us to better control the hot flushes.

The invisible revolution: Take care of your hormones after 40

Marta Len (Ed. Lunwerg)

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