4 simple routines that will bring you more well-being in 2023 (and a simple rule to make them work now)

If you notice, most of the things we do on a daily basis are habits. There are studies that show that almost 40% of our daily activities are repeated every day. To incorporate healthy habits at the beginning of 2023 but, a new habit can take about two months to become a real routine. A study published in the European Journal of Social Psychology in 2009, showed that habits take an average of 66 days to consolidate. And, one of the guarantees of success is the time, distance and effort rule. That is, if something is fast, close and easywe will incorporate it into our lives sooner.

4 easy and simple routines that will increase your well-being in 2023

Begin with easy and simple habits is a guarantee of success. We propose you 4 routines distributed throughout the day that you can work on this year (if you don’t already have them built in). Do not despise them because they are simple, they are more powerful than it appears to the naked eye.

1. Start the day with a large glass of water.

Drink a glass of water when you get up every morning.

Drink a glass of water when you get up every morning on an empty stomach.matelashop

The Water It is a key element for the proper functioning of your body (it is the main component of blood plasma and brain). Although the recommended average intake is 2 liters of water per daywill depend on other factors such as age, weight, associated pathologies (heart or kidney failure, for example), if you play sports, your daily diet (20 percent of our daily fluid intake comes from food), etc… But what is proven is that start the day drinking a big glass of water It is a more than healthy habit for cleanse your body and hydrate it just start the day.

  • How to apply the time-distance-effort rule? Prepare your glass of fresh water every night and place it in your bedside table. Drink it as soon as you wake up.

2. Practice the mid-morning coffee (or better, the mid-morning infusion).

The Swedes call it Fika and consists of interrupting work to go out and have a coffee with coworkers. Walk into contact with other people and having a good time chatting is one of the activities that contributes the most to our happiness and well-being. It will help you keep the work stress and, in addition, improve your productivity. The little ones breaks at work are one of the keys to positive psychologist to take care of our mental health.

  • How to apply the time-distance-effort rule? It’s quite easy. Being an activity that you are going to develop in the workplace itself and with your colleagues, you only have to agree to set a time to go out for coffee or one infusion. Easy, close and simple. We bet on the infusion if you have already had a coffee first thing in the morning. Drink A chamomile a day, for example, has many benefits for your health..

3. Walk 30 minutes every day.

According to the doctor Jose Luis ZamoranoVice President of the European Society of Cardiology and one of the best cardiologists in Spainwalking every day is the best habit to keep our heart in shape. In addition, he explains that it is essential walk every day between 35 or 40 minutes and, especially at sunset. “Lipidic metabolism is done fundamentally at night, so that walk at sunset will improve my physical capacity, my metabolism, my hypertension…”, he says.

  • How to apply the time-distance-effort rule?walk for a garden or walk that is near your house. Leave your shoes (or whatever you are going to need) always prepared at home. If possible, try to practice walk with another person who wants to do it or needs it (a relative, a friend from the neighborhood, etc.), that will motivate you and reduce the mental sensation of effort.

4. Practice gratitude every night.

Is gratitude activates our mental postivity immensely. Activate your positive emotions, decreases anxiety and negative thoughts. Many people practice the habit of writing a gratitude journal every night, reflecting on it all the daily reasons for gratitude. He says Laura Rojas-MarcosPhD in psychology and health: “For me, gratitude is the closest friend of joy, the pessimism vaccine and negativity, and the faithful sister of generosity. Both sisters are the ones who keep us afloat during the adverse storms of life and the optimistic spirit, helping us to focus our attention on the positive things around us.

  • How to apply the time-distance-effort rule? To make it as easy as possible for you, practice the gratitude every night when you turn off the light to sleep. She closes her eyes and reviews your day. I’m sure there are many reasons why you can say “thank you”. you only need three minutes. Also, you should know that this practice will help you sleep better why it relax you. When you perceive the double benefit, making it a habit will be even easier.

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