4 tips from a lottery expert to get money with a ticket that did not turn out to be a jackpot winner

There are tickets that can give you a second chance to win a lottery prize.

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Although the main run when playing the lottery is to hit the numbers that give you a jackpot, the truth is that there are very few privileged ones who manage to do the great feat.

Therefore, it is very common that When you find out that you have not won the jackpot of a lottery draw, the first thing you do is get rid of the ticket that did not win, which according to an expert on the subject, is a terrible idea, since it can make you win some money.

A TikTok user named Parquita Nassau and who is a certified lottery expert, shares hundreds of clips where she gives tips on different games; she recently posted a video where she shares 4 tips on how you could make a profit on tickets that don’t win a jackpot and that we share with you below.

4 tips to get money from lottery tickets that were not winning a jackpot

1) Don’t throw away the bills. According to the lottery expert, this advice is the most relevant, since most players get rid of their tickets once they have verified that they have not been the winner of any significant prize.

Nassau urges players to keep the ticket because there are still 5 other numbers that could give you a lot of cash, especially when you decide to play with the multiplier, as your winnings will do just that: multiply.

“If you got 5 of the white balls but didn’t get that special one like the Powerball or the Megaball for Mega Millions, you could still win big money,” Parquita said.

2) Bet on the “scratches”. Although lotteries such as Mega Millions or Powerball are highly popular for their millionaire bags, believe it or not, every day there are hundreds of winners of considerable sums in the so-called “scratch cards”.

These lottery games are an easier way to win small prizes; however, you can also run into the surprise of taking a big one.

The first thing you should do before buying is research to see if the game is worth the amount of dollars you’re willing to spend. Since Scratch-Offs are distributed to retailers in large rolls, there is a guaranteed number of winners within them.

The lottery expert also recommends that if the game has been around for a while, it’s best to do a quick Google search to see if anyone has already won one of the biggest prizes.

3) Second chance draws. This tip is specific to scratch-offs. You always have to check with the lottery of each state because there are games where second chance draws are held.

That means if you sign the back of your ticket and return it to the lottery office, you could have another chance to win a prize. According to Nassau, there are states where millions of dollars and even luxury cars are awarded in this type of raffle.

4) Scan your tickets yourself. It is likely that you have gone to a store to verify if your ticket was a winner and that the employee tells you no when in fact you did get a prize or there is an error in the machine.

The lottery expert points out that there have been cases where store employees have scammed lottery winners by making false scans or telling them that they did not get anything, when the reality is completely different for them to win the prize because people usually leave their tickets after disappointment.

So it is best that each player does this procedure for himself.

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On some lottery games they now have an app where you can play from your phone and scan your ticket.

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