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How many times did you say you were going to arrive on time and you didn’t make it? Here are some tips for you to fulfill this 2023.

“I promise to diet, I promise to exercise and I promise not to be late”… these could be some of your promises for this 2023 and even if you don’t fully fulfill all of them, there is one with which we can help you a little.

The “I promise not to be late” applies to many Chileans who are in the habit of delaying their arrival for different commitments, considering that punctuality is not one of our best qualities.

However, there are several tips so that you can keep this promise during 2023, such as carrying out some extra actions in your day to day that They will prevent you from being too late.

He considers that it can become a problem when, for example, it is a job interview, family or work commitments, however, they are correctable habits just by getting used to it.

Here you can meet 4 tips that will help you be more punctual.

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Calculate your time and avoid being late

About 20 years ago it was almost impossible to know how long a journey took between, for example, Santiago and Curanilahue.

That changed, currently a simple search on Google Maps will show you that on a normal day, without traffic jams, it could take 6 hours and 56 minutes if you go by car, but up to 6 days walking.

The same happens when you calculate the time it takes to get from your house to your work. The advantage of technology is that the progress is so great that we can even calculate how long it takes us to complete a journey.

It can be walking, by car, public transport and you can even have bicycle alternatives. For the same, it is very easy to calculate the time How long does it take to get to a specific place?

The advantage of tools such as Google Maps is that you can even check the time you want to move and understand how long the block of the streets adds up, if you are driving, or recognize if there are any closed streets.

For the same reason, one of the tips is consider the travel time on the route you will makein order to plan the time in which you must leave to arrive on time.

This is an excellent option if you are going, for example, to a job interview. Nobody likes to make a bad impression the first time and this tip can be very useful for moments like this.

wear watch

Another of the advances in technology allowed us to stop using the watch as it was done in the old days when almost everyone had one; and there were even clocks in the streets.

Currently, the phone is your best ally, but at the same time it can be your biggest enemy, because according to GQ, it seems that you are not aware of the time until you look at it.

Wear a watch will help you not to be late
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That is why The use of a watch is recommended, not only as a bracelet, but also in view on a table or a wall.

Having the time in sight will allow you to control the time and that will make you aware of the time you are spending.

Set schedules and alarms/h2>

A good way to organize your day to day is writing down what you have to do in an agenda, but set alarms to remind you to do something.

This will help you organize your time, understanding how long it takes to perform an action. Psicología y Mente indicates in this regard “it is extremely important not to postpone this phase, because it is easy for it to be given little importance and end up being forgotten”.

In this sense, it is also important avoid procrastination or the classic “I’ll do it tomorrow” because something that you could do in minutes, in your day to day, takes hours or days and that can also make you arrive late somewhere.

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As well as avoid thinking that everything will work perfectly at the time we want, because there can always be a stop, a road closure, a problem in the public system or even a protest that prevents you from being punctual.

Avoid filling your schedule

When you do many things during the day, it is possible that more than once you lose track of time and forget what you have to do next.

The problem is that when that “next” is important, problems begin. Therefore, it is recommended avoid filling the agenda with things to do.

There are many things that can distract you and prevent you from fulfilling what you agreed to, so it is very possible that if you have to get to another place, not even the most optimistic of intentions will save you from being late.

If you have something important to do during the day, focus on avoiding making more plans than you should, so that it does not stop being your priority.

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