42 years! This is how we celebrate the birthday of Alicia Keys, one of the most emblematic figures of our music – Music

Singer, songwriter, actress, classical pianist, songwriter, humanitarian, philanthropist, and activist Alicia Augello Cook, known professionally as Alicia Keyscelebrates today (January 25) its 42nd birthday.

This New Yorker first entered the music scene in 2001. Now, with two decades of career, the winner of several Grammy awards and prominent vocalist has become a household name. In honor of this special date, we selectedsome of the best songs who have fallen in love with us throughout their career.

  1. ‘Girl On Fire’

This song has become a hymn for women. This theme of the R&B genre published in 2012 talks about “Truly let go of everything that’s holding you back. Follow your light. Follow your passion. That turns you on”this is how the artist expressed it to her Manchester audience in 2012. There is also a remix of the song in which the rapper participates nicki minaj, in which she rhymes about being haunted by the ghost of Marilyn Monroe. The rapper had already sung about the movie icon in her song ‘Pink Friday Roman Unloaded’, ‘Marilyn Monroe’.

  1. ‘No One’

It was an immediate hit upon its release, with people old, middle-aged, and even young people singing along to the lyrics. ‘No One’ was released in 2007 as part of the singer’s ‘As I Am’ album.

This song contains some experimental keyboards. Keys stated to the Daily Mail on December 14, 2007: “I still write most of my songs on the piano, but I tinkered in the studio. I played a Mellotron, a Wurlitzer organ, and used effects pedals.”

This catchy and highly contagious tune sheds light on the fact that no matter what happens in life, the person you love will always be by your side. This was the most streamed song in the US in 2008.

  1. ‘You Don’t Know My Name’

This contemporary/soul classic from 2003 belongs to the second studio album of the star, ‘The Diary of Alicia Keys’. Released as the album’s title track in November, it samples the 1975 song ‘Let Me Provide My Love to You’.

The song, grammy winnerwas produced and co-written by Kanye West and, according to Keys, it’s about the best way to approach someone you really like. With this song Alicia won the Grammy for Best New Artist.

  1. ‘If I Ain’t Got You’

Another classic that demonstrates the talent of the artist. ‘If I Ain’t Got You’belongs to his second studio album and was inspired by the death of the also superstar Aaliyahin other mundane events and in Keys’ life at the time.

This song inspired the British athlete kelly holmes to succeed in the women’s 800 and 1500 meters at the 2004 Olympic Games. She explained it herself: “There are lyrics about diamonds and things that mean everything to people, but that song is about my gold medal, because if I don’t have that, everything else means nothing.”

  1. ‘Teenage Love Affair’

This song from the Keys album ‘As I Am’ from 2007 highlights what it feels like to experience teenage love. Highlights the stress of teenage dating.

Keys was already in her twenties when this song was released, but she takes on the role of a schoolgirl experiencing her delusional first love. In the video, she appears as a college girl, it was directed by chris robinson and based on the Spike Lee film ‘School Daze’, from 1988. The music is based on a sample of ‘(Girl) I Love You’a 1972 song by the soul trio The Temprees.

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