5 + 1 film on September 11 to watch in streaming


Twenty years have passed since the terrorist attacks that shocked the United States. An event that, as several historians write about it, changed the course of American history and, consequently, also that of the rest of the world.

Twenty years later we all still remember what we were doing at the exact moment in which the images of the crash of the planes against the Twin Towers appeared on the television for the first time. Symbol of New York, American symbol, today more than ever they are a nostalgic architecture. There is a before and there is an after and it is enough to look at the sky of the Big Apple to understand it.

Every year, when the fateful date of theSept. 11 television programming reminds us of recent history with themed films, documentaries and television programs. Also this year, especially this year for the twentieth anniversary of the terrorist events, here is a list of selected films and documentaries.

What movies to see about 9/11?

In this list you will not only find the five selected 9/11 themed films with the plot, but also where to find them and how much they cost on their respective platforms.

1. “9/11” – (on Apple TV + for € 0.99)

Cast: Whoopi Goldberg, Charlie Sheen, Wood Harris, Luis Guzmán, Olga Fonda, Gina Gershon etc.

Plot: 9/11 is an ensemble film, which begins by telling the life of its protagonists before September 11th. The five main characters will all find themselves together in the lift of one of the two towers. Only together can they try to escape the consequences of the attack, or the collapse of the Twin Towers, which they follow live thanks to the intervention of Metzie, played by Whoopi Goldberg.

2. “The 25th hour” (on Apple TV + for € 3.99)

Cast: Spike Lee (director), Edward Norton, Philip Seymour Hoffman, Rosario Dawson etc.

Content: it does not deal directly with the story of the events of 9/11, not like 9/11, but immerses the viewer in life after 9/11.

Plot: the protagonist is a drug dealer who has only 25 hours to decide his own destiny. The film is based on the novel by David Berioff and is described as a film about the disillusionment of man and of an entire country after attacks and now in moral collapse.


3. “Vice – The man in the shadows” (on Youtube for € 2.99 or on Amazon Prime Video for € 3.99

Cast: Christian Bale, Amy Adams, Steve Carell, Sam Rockwell etc.

Plot: “Vice – The Man in the Shadows” tells the story of a behind-the-scenes adviser able to engineer and move the threads of US politics. The protagonist, Dick Cheney played by a master Christian Bale, decided on the invasion of Afghanistan after 9/11.

4. “Turning Point” (by subscription on Netflix)

Type: documentary of 5 one-hour episodes that want to investigate and provoke the political choices and social consequences of the American action in Afghanistan and September 11th.

Plot (taken from Netflix): “A rigorous series that documents the terrorist attacks of 9/11, from the birth of Al-Qaeda in the 1980s to the US response on American soil and abroad”.

5. “Remember Me” (by subscription on Netflix)

Cast: Robert Pattinson, Emilie de Ravin, Pierce Brosnan, Chris Cooper, Meghan Markle etc.

Plot: this film does not have much to do with 9/11, but it tells about life, the normal unfolding of a story and the impetuous entry of 9/11 into this one. It is a dramatic film that tells the difficult family coexistence and the consequences that the suicide of a child has on his brother’s marriage and life.

+1 bonus: “11th Hour “(on Sky Atlantic and NOW)

Type: a small bonus that is neither a film nor a documentary, but a short film written and directed by Jim Sheridan.

Plot: a choral story on themes such as intolerance and racism unleashed by the anger of the attack and the desperate attempt to find a culprit.


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