5 business simulators with which to entertain yourself on your Android

The business world is quite scary, but playing at being an entrepreneur is something else with these apps.

The business world always involves risky operations. Putting our heritage at stake is one of the reasons why many entrepreneurs do not finish taking the step forward. But it is already known that to achieve success you have to take risks. If you have already done so, our congratulations, now you deserve a break and we are going to propose 5 apps that aim to entertain. They are business simulators that you can install on your Android device. With varied and versatile themes, they are a well-deserved rest in case you need to make risky decisions and that you do not dare in the real world. You can try to run a company that is not in your field, you can even be better than yours!

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4 Android apps to play at being an entrepreneur

Tap Tycoon

A simple game in which at first you will create money from nothing and, later, you will be able to increase your wealth with your strategies. Although it is inspired by the XXXV century, this game promises unparalleled fun, since in just a few steps you will manage to amass a small fortune to invest in new technologies and constructions. It is the typical game to disconnect, it does not have many pretensions, but it is liked.


Putting yourself in the shoes of an entrepreneur in the health sector is always a challenge. You will have to build your own hospital, organize work shifts, assign three, control those patients who do nothing but complain. You will even have to identify and collect medicinal plants to make your own remedies. Comprehensive hospital management that can drive you crazy, although it is clear what it is going to provide you in the first place, they are fun moments. It is worth downloading it, because it is quite entertaining and has a very grateful air.

Roller Coaster Tycoon

Imagine taking on the management of an amusement park. Although the leisure of those who visit you is always a very motivating activity, It can give you a lot of headaches. You will have to devise new attractions so that visitors do not get bored and look for other alternatives. You will have to combine the fun factor with the economic one like nobody else. Nobody said it was easy, but your mission is to get the maximum benefits for the park and see the happy faces of those who visit it.

Air Tycoon 4

Although we all know which are the best flight simulators, what AirTycoon 4 offers us is to manage different airlines. The pilots will take care of making them fly, your mission is to have the greatest number of planes rented from other companies, get presence in important airports or find different routes with which you can make a lot of money. In addition to entertaining, it puts us in a situation that is out of our hands, since practically none of us will ever have the opportunity to take care of tasks committed.

Junkyard Tycoon

Here you must demonstrate your skills with the sale of vehicles. You’ll start pretty low, taking care of cars that are straight up for scrap. But if you want skill you can get to become a car tycoon. the competition is not going to make it easy for you, so you will have to use your best skills to stand out in the business. Like any of the others, it gets us a break from the pressure of real business.

All of these business simulation games are available on the Google Play Store, and they usually come at a fairly low price. They are developments that make it possible to look at business from another perspective, so its download is more than recommended.

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For a moment it is not bad to use these games as a model of disconnection. The pressure we usually have, whether we are self-employed or small entrepreneurs, it is more than enough to dedicate some time to ourselves. Therefore, these games can be a good meeting point to continue developing the commercial nose. Choose the sector that most attracts your attention and demonstrate all your skills, surely you can achieve all the goals you set for yourself and without having to risk your real capital.

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