5 celebs that were rejected by other celebs


One of the few certainties I have in life is that, sooner or later, everyone will happen to be friendzoned by those who interest us. And I assure you that this mechanism does not discount anyone, not even celebs: the dating world is difficult for them too. Imagine, for example, that you are Harry Styles and get a big no as an answer for a date together. Believe it or not it really happened and the girl in question is not just any but Dua Lipa who liquidated the ex one direction with a nice «thank u, next.

Obviously, ours Harry it is not the only one, indeed the list is quite large. Here are 5 stories of celebs rejected by other celebs.


Taylor Swift back in 2013 she had a huge crush on Bradley Cooper (transport that we feel we can share widely) and, as a true woman of action, she asked her friend Jennifer Lawrence to present it to him during an after party of Golden Globe. The introduction was there, then he slipped away saying that the age difference between them was too wide and that it could never work. Too bad that a few months later he started making a steady couple with Suki Waterhouse with which he was 17 years old. One would think that the reasons for his forfeit were a little more personal.


Back in the days of Harry Potter, Emma Watson had a special reason to arrive enthusiastically on set: Tom Felton. The actress, like all teenagers in the world, did everything to run into his crush so much that she had come to emphasize in the scripts that she was sent the scenes where she would be with him, calculating how much time they could spend together. Draco Malfoy’s interpreter was perfectly aware of everything, but he dismissed it by saying that he saw Emma as a younger sister and only loved her as a friend. It must not have been easy for her to digest this, but now they are great friends: in short, everything is overcome.


The age difference for some of our celebs must be an insurmountable obstacle. In fact, Rihanna would have rejected Justin Bieber because he was too young for her. As he himself told, some time later, he tried them all before giving up. The answer, however, was always the same: a sharp no. Fortunately Justin he did not lose heart and continued to search for love.


The passion for the models of Leonardo Dicaprio is well known and also his conquering abilities. But there is a person who has resisted his court and that is Cara Delevingne. They met at one of the many parties organized on the occasion of the festival of Cannes: he would be after her all evening, even inviting her to his suite. The model would have declined the invitation, but would have left her phone number. Too bad that when he wrote her she never answered: disappeared. Dear Leo, sooner or later it had to happen to you too!


The couple Lara Jean And Peter it makes us dream on screen, but the chemistry between them is not all fiction. Or at least, for a fairly short time, Condor wool he thought that a love story could also be born in real life. As told by Jimmy Fallon, while filming Ps I love you, the actress was quite intrigued by Noah Centineo and they also spent a lot of time together. Then, during a dinner where the atmosphere had started to get more romantic, he chilled her with a phrase that looks more like a stab: “I’m sorry, but nothing will ever happen between us.” Apparently the reason would have been his willingness to keep the relationship on a professional level. And oh well, we will make a reason too.


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