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In the DC Comics universe we find characters that come directly from the gods and heroes of ancient Greek mythology. Here we recover some of them.

Heroes, villains, gods, monsters, beings of magic and cosmic power (which are recovered in movies like Wrath of the Titans, Troy, 300 either gods of egypt) can be traced through the myths and legends of all human civilizations. these expressions have found in comics, movies and series their new means to continue being broadcast.

Many of DC’s most beloved superheroes have parallels to gods from ancient mythology.. For example, Superman is a kind of Zeus, while Aquaman can be compared to Poseidon, or even Flash has traits of Hermes. However, in this universe there are other less popular characters that are immediately taken up from Greek mythology.


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Hipólita is the Amazonian queen known in pop culture for the role she played Connie Nielson and for being the mother Wonder Woman. In the most recent versions of DC, Hippolyta and Zeus conceive Diana together (Gal Gadot in the movies), this being an update of the previous origin, where Hippolyta sculpted her daughter in clay, and later Zeus gives life to the sculpture .

In mythological texts, writings about Hippolyta and the Amazons in general are scarce. But being the queen of a warrior race of women, her father is fittingly the god of war Areswho gave her a magical belt to make her stand out as queen above the rest of the Amazons.


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In mythological stories, Ares is the son of Zeus and Hera, he is despised not only by both parents, but also by most of the Olympian gods, as detailed in Homeric works because it lacks virtue and represents the most aggressive, unrestrained and brutal aspects of war.

Ares’ origins remain the same in the DC comics, and thus he has family ties to wonder-womanconstantly acting as his antagonist, while fanning the flames of war to fuel his power. In the film, directed by Patty Jenkins and starring Gal Gadot, is played by David Thewlis.


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Hades appears in the Wonder Woman comics, often as a villain. His DC debut is in Wonder Woman #16 (1946). He has since appeared in several subsequent stories, including the New 52, ​​where he adopts the name ‘Hell’. He has had a presence in the animated series Justice League Y Justice League: Gods and Monsters Meanwhile in Smallville it is only alluded to.

In Greek mythology, Hades is the god of the dead and ruler of the underworld, a domain given to him after he and the other gods overthrew the titans. who ruled over them. His brothers assume the administration of the other domains; for example, Zeus takes to the sky and rules as king from the throne of Olympus.


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Originally under the name ‘Captain Marvel’ when first created in 1939Shazam, like many prominent comic book characters, has its roots in the fertile narrative ground of ancient mythology. In 1972, DC purchased the character, then acquired the rest of his unit from Fawcett Comics, and later brought them into the DC universe.

His fantastic powers (possessed by Zachary Levi in ​​the film version) are derived from ancient mythological figures, and are in fact his name is an acronym that makes up the first initials of each of these characters: S, by the wisdom of Solomon; H, by the strength of Hercules; A, for the resistance of Atlas; Z, by the power of Zeus; A, for the courage of Achilles; M, for the speed of Mercury.


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Although he was not considered as a character of Aquaman (the film starring Jason Momoa) and it is still unknown if James Wan will use him in Aquaman 2, Triton has a fierce and tyrannical temper, and enters into a battle to the death with Aquaman.. Triton loses the fight and dies at the hands of Arthur, his essence separated from his body to be collected by Poseidon.

In Greek mythology, Triton is an Olympian god and son of Poseidon. He is also the messenger of the sea. With the upper body of a man and the tail of a fish, this god carries a trident, like all the more prominent sea deities, including Poseidon and Aquaman. The classic Merfolk also carries a conch shell to control the seas and summon fierce tsunamis.

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