5 easy hairstyles for short hair that highlight your beauty

Whether you’ve decided to change up your look and currently have a bob, lob, or midi, we’ve got a list of easy hairstyles for short hair that yes or yes you must put to the test! With the intention of cooling you down from the heat and doing all the work for you to style your hair in the coolest and easiest way possible, we dove into the accounts of the hairstylists More top of the famous to collect their winning looks with mini hair and right now we reveal them to you!

They range from pretty pigtails from Hailey Bieber to Scarlett Johansson’s ponytail, so we challenge you to make a daily one for every day of the week. do you accept

Half tail of the 2000

The Y2K era is at its best this year and we are willing to recreate it with makeup ideas and hairstyles as cool as this one by Margot Robbie. It’s about giving her hair texture and combing it into a half ponytail, releasing strands in front to outline her face. Beautiful and easy? Yes, and even more combined with a blue eyeliner, very of the time.

TIP G: To bring the famous hair of the 2000s to life, paint highlights or the front parts of the hair in a light blonde shade and do this hairstyle. Straight into nostalgia!

This hairstyle is also extremely flattering for round faces.

Instagram @brycescarlett

pigtails with braids

The pigtails were one of those hairstyles we used in childhood and they are back to all that gives. Both Hailey Bieber and Charli D’Amelio reveal that the coolest way to wear them in 2022 is by braiding a strand of hair growth diagonally, pinning the ponytails on the back with transparent, colored or scrunchies. Isn’t this style of hairstyles don’t they transport your mind to a few years ago? You have to do them at least once in your 20s, 30s or 40s!

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