5 exercises for beginners that will make you show off a spectacular body this summer

Summer is just around the corner, take advantage of the change of season to make changes to your body, try one of these five exercises with which you will tone the abdomen, buttocks, legs and say goodbye forever to the annoying bat wingswithout leaving home, with low impact routines, perfect for beginners. Because exercise is not just for vanity, it is a breather for our body and mind, a space to leave behind the problems of everyday life and dedicate a space for our care.

We know that the idea of ​​starting an exercise routine may seem somewhat frightening, due to the supposed sacrifices that they imply, and although yes, there are routines that require a great deal of physical effort, in addition to which they must necessarily be performed in gyms, with special equipment. .

But don’t worry, we have brought you a list with the five best exercises to keep your body healthy, without sacrifices, without heavy routines and without leaving home, we begin:

exercises for summer
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1) Climb the step

This exercise allows you to work legs and buttocksto do it you only need the help of a chair, bench, drawer, armchair or flat surface that is at knee height or three fingers below it.

The first thing you should do is plant one foot firmly on the surface that you are going to use as support, then you place the foot that rests on the floor on top of the box contracting your abdomen, use the first foot as support, stretch your sentences when you have both feet elevated and repeat until you get three sets of 10 repetitions.

2) Glute Bridge

For this second exercise we will need a blanket, rug or padded surface on which you can lie down.

Once you achieve it, lie down on it, place your hands with the palms open on the floor on each side of your hips, then with your legs bent, raise the pelvis applying force to the abdomen, return to the original position and repeat, do three sets of ten repetitionsIt is very important to keep your back straight at all times.

3) Crossover crunches

If what you are looking for is tone the abdominal areathis exercise is ideal for you, they are a different alternative to the classic exercise.

Sit on a padded surface with one foot on the ground and the ankle above the knee as if you were crossing your leg, then bring the opposite arm under the nape of the neck, and try to touch the knee above the ankle with the tip of your nose. , maintaining the strength in the abdomen, if you are a beginner perform three repetitions with each leg, increase the repetitions as you get used to the effort.

summer body
Crossed abs. Photo: Pixabay

4) Wall push-ups

This is an alternative to traditional push-ups, with which you will remove the bat wings, because it is almost as effective. Position yourself in front of a flat wall with your hands open at shoulder height and flex your arms, try to raise the tips of your feet with each flex to increase the intensity, keep your back straight. Perform three sets of 10 push-ups.

5) Scissors

We end this series with an exercise for tone legsLying on your back, you are going to stretch your legs making crosses between them, equaling the image of a pair of scissors. Do 15 repetitions with each leg.

You will see that with any of these exercises and healthy habits such as drinking two liters of water a day, your body will begin to change. Do not forget to consult with a specialist before doing them, if you suffer from any injury to the body.

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