5 eyeliners to see you fixed even if you don’t wear makeup

Exist outlined to see you fixed? Yes, and they don’t require more than a single stroke! And it is that although we are one beauty junkies we love putting on makeup and feeling pretty, the truth is that sometimes due to lack of time (or for some other dermatological issue) we can’t do it daily, and that’s fine. actually give it a break to our skin it is also healthy and very necessary.

However, this does not mean that we completely forget about fun. Today, we propose you the coolest eyeliner so that they give light and life to your look even if you do not use a base (or contour), because either because of their color or shape they do all the work, making you feel more beautiful. Do you want to put them to the test? Discover them and do them tomorrow!

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Cat eye in phospho tone

just as there is eyeliner colors that take years off you On top of that, there are also certain tones that serve to make you look groomed 24/7. He phospho orange eyeliner is a great option when you prefer to skip the step of blush and the mascara, and you can do it as a cat’s eye or even something more graphic.

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Use a tinted sunscreen, this eyeliner, and you’ll be ready in minutes!

pink floating eyeliner

To give your look full prominence, we recommend concentrating the strokes and colors on your fixed eyelids. A great way to do it is to draw a floating line above the crease, it can be in a Barbie pink or in a more neutral tone if you are going to work, since it will give width to the look (and it is perfect for drooping eyelids).


A perfect Barbiecore style look!

white outlined

if there is a outline color that works better than concealer and highlighter together, that’s white! It opens up your eyes, makes you look more awake and brings a touch of effortlessly elegant freshness. Apply it when you feel fatigued and watch the magic.

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You can apply it as a winged liner or even just on the water line.

outlined dot

Among the many trends makeup There is a technique that will save you a lot of time thanks to its practicality. Its about dot eyeliner, which consists of applying a single dot on the upper or lower eyelid, playing with the mixture of strokes and colors to make it more interesting. Camila Cabello and Lola Indigo already love it!

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And the point may not be eyeliner, but an application that makes your makeup 3D.

outlined dagger

This dagger-shaped design helps to highlight the look without the need to add mascara. for a style rock star take inspiration from Zendaya, who proves there is outlined to see you fixed that do work, even if you don’t have a makeup nor very produced hairstyle.

Instagram @zendaya

Do it in black so that your look stands out much more.

AND voila! With this list of inspiration, we assure you that you will become an expert in the art of border and you will save many minutes in the morning if you do not want to put on too much makeup.

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