5 Fantastic New Apps Just Arrived on iPhone

compilation of the best new apps which have just been released in the apps store. This week they are very, very interesting.

App Store Top New Arrivals

What’s new on the App Store

One of the most followed sections of the web arrives. Here you have the New applications most outstanding of all those published in the app store during the last 7 days.

Surely many of you are more attentive to the gifts of the wise men than to anything else. But we do not stop working for you and, although it is a very marked day on the calendar, we have chosen the best novelties that have arrived at the store of Applications of Manzana in the last days.

New apps for iPhone and iPad:

These are the most outstanding applications among all those released between the December 29, 2022 and January 5, 2023on the app store.

AI Writing Assistant [Gratis]:

AI Writing Assistant

AI Writing Assistant

The app uses GPT 3 of Open AI to write, reply and chat. You can generate emails, essays, articles and any text in more than 25 languages. It is a revolutionary messaging platform powered by AI that turns conversations into entertaining and productive experiences. It is in English and to get its full potential you have to pay.

Download AI Writing Assistant

Consistent [Gratis]:



App that facilitates the change of behavior to get in shape, develop a diet and carry out a comprehensive monitoring of your physical condition. You can lose weight or build muscle by following a specific diet or exercise routine. However, if you don’t stick to those behaviors, it’s only a matter of time before you regress in your progress.

Download Consistent

Splash Weather [Gratis]:

Splash Weather

Splash Weather

App created and designed for iOS 16. With a beautiful user interface, more integrated with WeatherKit (Apple’s new weather service), Splash Weather is the latest and best weather app available on the app store.

Download Splash Weather

Epic Battle Fantasy 5: RPG [Gratis]:

Epic Battle Fantasy 5

Epic Battle Fantasy 5

Wacky turn-based RPG adventure filled with video game references, youthful dialogue, anime, and more fanservice (also contains combat and strategy, monster catching, and a huge treasure hunt, if you’re interested in any of this). If you’re new to the series before, this is a good place to start, and if you’re already familiar with the other games, there are tons of new features to discover.

Download Epic Battle Fantasy 5

budgettable [Gratis]:



State-of-the-art application that allows you to regain control of your finances. By managing your recurring transactions and transaction categorization with artificial intelligence, budgettable offers a zero maintenance budget app. Add fictitious income or expenses to see the short- and long-term effects of those purchases on your budgets and monthly balances. See your spend by category over time and optimize your budget. Regain control of your budget.

Download Budgettable

Without further ado and hoping that this selection of new applications has interested you, see you next week with new releases for your device iOS.


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