5 healthy habits to fulfill your wellness resolutions

These are the 5 Healthy habits that help me meet my wellness resolutions this year.

5 healthy habits to fulfill your purposes in 2023

Fold my clothes

Clothes neat, mind focused! She never would have thought that he fold my clothes it could become such a pleasant and relaxing activity. I realized the Benefits that this had after watching a Netflix documentary, To order with Marie Kondo!, which is about accommodating, accommodating and accommodating. Said and done, I made the decision that the next time I folded my clothes, I would do it consciously and attentively and I have to confess that he became a true delight. I not only learned some bending techniquesbut that I enjoyed a moment of peace, because I put on calm music in the background and I delved into this daily, but very satisfying, task.

According to Guardian, ‘doubling down is advocated as a way to deal with a chaotic world and succeed. Even the most stubborn and irregular challenges, like adjusting fitted sheets, can bring us to a uniform calm.’

water my plants

For many, this task is usually very beneficial due to the fact of being fostering life and growing something with the attention of your care. I have a plant ficus lyrata It requires a lot of care and can sometimes be very demanding. I have proposed an hour of each week to dedicate time to her and accompany her on her day of work. irrigation (every plant has a recommended number of waterings per day or per week). Not only do I use this time to take a break from work and the noise of the city, but I try to to meditate and breathe the fresh air, same as my plant breathes. To be honest, I have seen potential growth since I started this practice, as well as seeing it much more radiant and happy. This may be my perception, but the fact of having this very conscious act makes me believe that what I am doing is the right thing to do.

to check my mood around this therapeutic taskI found that, among other things, watering my plants helps improve the humorrelieve the stress and the anxietyprolong attention span, and increase self esteem.

accommodate my books

Because I love to read and find my books with ease, I have put the homework to arrange them by author name and alphabetically. Yes, at first it may seem like a mess, but once in order, there is no greater satisfaction! Although I mean the booksthe task of accommodating anything is a practice to achieve the wellnessin addition to being considered as a meditative exercise.

write lists by hand

I am one of the people who prefers to use a schedule that he mobile phone wave computerbut until I realized that this encouraged my wellnessI would never have realized that, indeed, it became a therapeutic task for me. Although many times (or most) the list of things that must be done can be very frustrating, you have to, at least, energize the moment in which we plan them so that they are carried out with good will instead of stress, It is not like this? What I recommend is to do this once and see what it produces in your state of mind. cheer up I’m sure you won’t be making their lists digitally again!

walk my dog

Having different times of the day where I have to take my dog going for a walk has ceased to be an obligation and, instead, has become an indispensable moment for me wellness Y happiness (and for my dog ​​too, clearly). Many times, we comply with certain ‘obligations’ without thinking that these can be good habits and that they help us appreciate those moments of internal silence and of personal growth. For me, the walk my pet It has become a moment of reflection that gives me time to settle my thoughts calmly and make plans to meet my goals in order.

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