5 hymns that refer to the bisexual collective

The letter “B” of the LGTBIQ+ collective is one of the most discriminated against. Day after day, bisexual people have to face the constant clichés and judgments of society. On this occasion, we want to empower this part of our collective with great songs, both in English and Spanish.

In this list we gather songs that have marked several generations. Past, present and future join hands to row in the same direction: the claim of bisexuality.

Without a doubt, they are songs to stand up and give everything on the dance floor. add them to your playlist reference, empower yourself and enjoy the art of being yourself.


Let the party begin!

The singer from Granada is direct on this subject: “I like them, but they do too, and if you don’t care, I’ll steal your wife,” she says in her song. Once again, his incomparable charisma encompasses the claim on bisexuality at the same time that he advocates the culture of effort: “I was never the first but I was the best” or “I already won MTV, I put it in my room” are phrases that refer to his own recording career.

This song, published in the year 2020, reflects a sexual encounter with a woman. The protagonist has a great time on a Friday night with both a man and a woman. In addition, the video clip helps us to put an image to this story.

“She stays dead, her legs shake with me. Wake me up, come look at me”, reflects the lyrics of this hit.

This musical group, which was born in 2017 as a result of a friendship, set out four years ago to include in a song all the people who remain outside of heteronormativity. Fun and naturalness reign in both the song and the video clip.

“I like girls, how could that happen? I like girls. I can not explain it. It will be because of her hair or because of the way she looks. But in that boy I can’t stop looking”, he explains the lyrics without any kind of taboo.

  • Girls/Girls/Boys of Panic! At The Disco

The band’s singer Brendon Urieit was declared pansexual in an interview for the magazine Paper. In it he clarified that, despite being very much in love with his wife, he fell in love with people regardless of his sex.

This song was considered a hymn to freedom and acceptance by the public loyal to the band. Urie has always been happy with his fans’ reading of this song. “Girls love girls and boys” (girls love girls and boys), reads one of the verses of this song.

In 2008, Katy Perry admitted: “I kissed a girl and I liked it” (I kissed a girl and I liked it). Fifteen years have passed since that publication, and it continues to be valid as a timeless hymn.

In 2017, the singer admitted to being the protagonist of this song. When collecting the National Equality Award at the Human Rights Campaign Gala, she declared: “I speak of my truths and my fantasies in my songs. For example, i kissed To Girl. The truth is that I did much more than kiss that girl. I have always known that she was curious and that sexuality was not black and white, as they teach us, ”she declared.

We hope these stories touch your life as much as they have touched ours.


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