5 movies that could be nominated in 2023

After the delivery of the Oscar awards of this year, already begin to emerge the first predictions about the films that could nominate in 2023. Which have already aroused the interest of the industry and could give something to talk about in the coming months.

Our predictions: The films that could be nominated for the 2023 Oscars

Elvis biopic

For many film fans and critics, the director Baz Luhrmann stands out in terms of his narrative quality.

Even all his films have given him at least one Oscar nomination. So the same could be expected from the biographical film that will star Austin Butler and Tom Hanks.

Killers of the Flower Moon

A team led by Martin Scorsese and Leonardo DiCaprio sounds like a great move. In this upcoming drama from the legendary filmmaker, the Osage Tribe Murders, and meets all the requirements to be a candidate for the 2023 Oscar Awards predictions.

Oscars 2023 Predictions

The Woman King

Viola Davis is already a part of Hollywood royalty, whose career lives up to the latest film from director Gina Prince-Bythewood. The first captures of the tape suggest that Davis has a fierce heart and great determination as the leader of the military regiment of the Dahomey Amazons in West Africa.

Oscars 2023 Predictions


This drama written and directed by Damien Chazelle has a brilliant history of the Tinsel Town of yesteryear, with Brad Pitt as John Gilbert and Margot Robbie as Clara Bow. The one that will undoubtedly have the objective of get to the Oscars 2023 and that brings together all the factors to achieve it.

Oscars 2023 Predictions
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Armageddon Time

Directed by James Gray, it is a coming of age story set in the 1980s, suggesting dramatic material starring Anne Hathaway, Jeremy Strong and Anthony Hopkins.

BONUS – Avatar 2: The Way of Water

The sequel lands 13 years after Oscar winner James Cameron’s first film. If the film can keep the interest of the audience in step with the global box office $2.8 billion dollars that tapeit will be seen whether Avatar 2 is dismissed as a disappointment or billed as a return to the Academy Awards for the acclaimed director.

However, progress with innovative special effects and dazzling technical elements of the project already anticipate that yes or yes it will arrive at the long-awaited ceremony.

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