5 movies to watch on Netflix with Angelina Jolie.

Watch the most beautiful movies on Netflix with Angelina Jolie, an actress of immeasurable talent who has been repeatedly declared the most beautiful woman in the world.

Do you like Angelina Jolie? Do you want to see the best performances of him? Here you are 5 movies to watch on Netflix with the beautiful American star. She is an actress of immense talent and incomparable beauty, so much so that she has been repeatedly declared the most fascinating and beautiful woman in the world.

Thriller film with Angelina Jolie

The tourist

Entirely shot in the splendid natural locations of Paris and Venice, The Tourist is a film with Angelina Jolie and Johnny Deppre-adaptation of the French film Anthony Zimmer interpreted on the occasion by another beautiful woman of the cinema, Sophie Marceau.

The Tourist tells the story of an Interpol secret agent controlled by Inspector John Acheson, played by Paul Bettany.

Angelina Jolie in this film plays the lover of the villain Alexander Pearce, played by Johnny Depp, who after a colossal tax evasion has changed the characteristics thanks to a surgery.

Comedy film with Angelina Jolie

Mr & Mrs Smith

Galeotto was the film and who interpreted it.

Mr. & Mrs. Smith it constituted the occasion of meeting between Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt who later become her third husband. According to the gossip reports, the two fell in love during the filming.

The story is about a family, made up of husband and wife, who, beyond the appearances of a normal couple, actually hide a secret, are both paid killers.

The problem, however, is that each ignores the second life of the other, until they find themselves armed against each other.

Drama film with Angelina Jolie

Interrupted Girls

Angelina Jolie’s Oscar for Best Supporting Actress.

Interrupted girls is a story of friendship and madness and the inability to accept the differences caused by mental pathologies.

Together with Jolie, also Winona Ryder’s masterful interpretation.

Although she does not have a primary role, she is considered by many to be the best interpretation of Angelina Jolie, in the course of her immense film career.

Action movie with Angelina Jolie


An action-packed film where Angelina Jolie gives her best.

Saltsurname of the secret agent of the CIA is suspected of being an infiltrator in the pay of the Russian secret services.

Returning to her homeland after being a prisoner in Korea, Agent Salt carries out her plan to kill the Soviet president.

The plan goes awry and the agent will have to sweat to save his skin and finally put his plan to fruition.

Sentimental film with Angelina Jolie


Changeling it is a documentary film because it tells a story that really happened in Los Angeles in the 1930s.

Angelina Jolie plays Christine Collinsmother of little Walter who disappeared under mysterious circumstances.

After the first investigations, the police deliver a child to the woman, believing it to be her son, but faced with the woman’s obstinacy in not recognizing her son, the police decide to dismiss the case, accusing Collins of being crazy.

Only the stubbornness of the mother will be able to prove the existence and responsibilities of a serial killer, Gordon Nothcott. The film sees directing Clint Eastwood

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