5 phrases from Amber Heard on her second day of testimonials

Publisher’s note: This story refers to testimonies about sexual violence.

(CNN) — Amber Heard’s hearings in the defamation lawsuit filed by her ex-husband, actor Johnny Depp, against her are advancing. Heard took the stand again Thursday, giving sometimes emotional and graphic testimony in her defense.

On her second day of testimony, Heard described alleged physical abuse by Depp that she says escalated until the couple abused each other.

Depp is suing Heard for $50 million over a 2018 op-ed he wrote for The Washington Post in which she described herself as a “public figure representing domestic abuse.” Although Depp was not named in the article, she claims that she cost him lucrative acting roles.

Heard and Depp, who met in 2009, were married from 2015 to 2016. Both have denied the other’s accusations of violence.

These are five sentences to highlight from Heard on the second day of testimonials.

Amber Heard testifies about the first time Depp allegedly hit her 0:51

1. “Nothing I did made him stop hitting me. Nothing.”

The actress told the hearing that “for more than a year, maybe two” of beatings by Depp, she did not respond physically or verbally, but just stared at him, doing nothing after the abuse. But afterward, the actress added, she began verbally abusing him and threatened Depp with calling the police if he hit her again.

A spokesman for Depp sent a statement to CNN saying that Heard “did the performance of a lifetime” in his interrogation on Thursday.

“Mr. Depp’s memories have remained exactly the same throughout the six painful years since his first allegations were made,” Depp’s spokesman added. “His truth of him, the truth, is the same no matter what setting he’s been presented in.”

In a statement Thursday night, a spokesman for Heard said Depp’s behavior during the trial “has been as regrettable as it was in their marriage.”

“Mr. Depp doesn’t have the fortitude or courage to even look at Ms. Heard during the entire process… and instead doodles and laughs,” Heard’s spokesperson added.

2. “It was clear he was crazy. He wrote in blood on a pillow.”

Heard broke down in tears on the stand as she described the explosive fight with Depp in Australia, where she said he sexually assaulted her.

The actress broke down in tears when she alleged that Depp sexually assaulted her with a glass bottle, saying she didn’t know if the bottle he used was broken or not. Heard testified that Depp told her that she would “kill” her during the course of the attack and that she later felt pain in the area, she bled and that she also had cuts on the soles of her feet, among other injuries.

Heard testified that at some point shortly after the fight, she believes Depp used his bloody finger to write and draw all over the mansion they were staying at.

According to her testimony, the couple had just married when she was with him at a private home where he was staying in 2015. Heard testified that Depp took out a bag of MDMA, or ecstasy, and consumed almost all of the pills. She added that over the course of the next few days, Depp barely slept and ate, saying that during multiple altercations he allegedly slammed her into walls, threw her across a room and punched her in the face.

At one point during a fight, Heard said he knocked a glass bottle to the ground.

Depp previously testified that Heard threw a bottle and “made contact” with his hand and it shattered.

“Then I looked down and realized the tip of my finger had been cut off,” Depp testified when he took the stand in April.

Amber Heard details Johnny Depp’s alleged aggressive behavior 2:52

3. “He kicked me in the back. I fell to the ground and held on”

Heard also testified Thursday that in 2014, while filming a movie with James Franco, Depp became upset over the romantic scenes between them in the movie. He then threw objects at her and then kicked her in the back during a fight, Heard said.

4. “Sometimes I thought I didn’t understand how much he could hurt me physically”

Heard testified that shortly after the bottle incident, Depp apologized for his behavior and then hired a medical team to help him detox from drugs. She then said that on that occasion Depp texted her apologizing, so she thought he was understanding how far she could go and that he could really hurt her.

Amber Heard opens up about her complex relationship with Johnny Depp 0:50

5. “We both said terrible things to each other. We yelled at each other. Unfortunately, when Johnny started hitting me, he just won.”

Heard testified that the couple’s relationship, which was married between 2015 and 2016, began to deteriorate after the violence.

Judge Penny Azcarate said Thursday that closing arguments are expected on May 27, followed by jury deliberations.

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