5 Ray Liotta films to remember his work on the big screen

The death of Ray Liotta led to different compilations and reactions on social networks that served to remember part of his career. An actor who seemed outside the current circuit of the film industry but who managed to consolidate a career with several notable films. Some of them are even contemporary classics.

Ray Liotta’s film career began with The Lonely Lady, in 1983. A few years earlier, in 1978, he had already appeared on a television program, as if it were a relationship and a natural interest in the cameras and the exhibition of the time. Then the title mentioned, came one of her first hits, something wildtitled in English as Something Wildreleased in 1986.

The end of the 1980s and the beginning of the 1990s was the period in which Ray Liotta added several of the films most transcendental of his career. Several of them, until today, are remembered by moviegoers; like that scene Goodfellasin 1990, in which together with Joe Pesci they improvised different lines.

Here is a series of five films in which Ray Liotta was present. This selection includes everything from his first works to more recent ones.

Five Ray Liotta Movies You Must See

something wild (1986)

Although it was his second film, not a few moviegoers remember him for it. In something wild shared cast with Melanie Griffth and Jeff Daniels, the protagonists. It is a story in which Lulu, played by Griffith, falls in love with a bank employee named Charles, who is played by Daniels. What happens within the story? Griffth is married to Ray Sinclair, Ray Liotta’s character, who finds out about the other relationship.

field of dreams (1989)

During 2021, Major League Baseball paid tribute to this film. The fact, in which two teams recreated what happens in the filmserves to measure the cultural impact of this production. field of dreams it starred Kevin Costner, who is tasked with building a baseball field where there is a barn. Ray Liotta played in this film “Shoeless Joe” Jacksonwho in real life played for the various teams in the league.

Goodfellas (1990)

A classic of contemporary cinema and, perhaps, the most mentioned film in relation to Ray Liotta when knowing about his death. In this production, directed by Martin Scorsesethe actor played Henry Hill. He is a young man who is fascinated by the entire criminal environment that he approaches.

story of a marriage (2019)

There was a rain of comments and criticisms about this film during 2019. Most of them, if not all, in favor of its protagonists: Adam Driver Y Scarlett Johansson. However, Ray Liotta intervenes in it as one of the lawyers involved in the conflict between the protagonists.

Not a false step (2021)

In this production he played Frank Capelli. It is a film set in Detroit in 1955. The plot brings together different criminals, who are hired to steal a document. The plan does not work and leads to a hunt focused on the person who hired them.

In addition to this production, Ray Liotta participated in projects such as The fool, Broken Soldier Y Cocaine Bear, which will be released soon. He is also remember for participating in documentaries like the series 30 for 30 on ESPN, in which he narrated the episode “Playing for the Mob”.

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