5 unannounced albums that everyone is waiting for


By now you know: from week to week new albums come out to listen to until you drop. On the web, the boards of the most anticipated autumn albums are multiplying by the hour, and the race for the most streamed album of every weekend always starts at the stroke of midnight on Friday.

May the favorite of the week be Psalm with his album Flop (back after four years of absence from Playlist)? Or the lovable Love For Sale by Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett, for those in the mood for a little more subdued jazz?

There really is new music for all tastes and for all ears. But what nobody talks about is: what are the albums that have long been missing from the lists of new releases? Let’s see which are the most anticipated on the international scene – and not yet announced – that we all can’t wait to hear.


Yes, a great absence in the recording scene, no doubt about it. From Anti years have passed since 2016 and the Barbadian pop star has been traveling on completely different tracks from music for far too long. Between his Savage X Fenty And Fenty Beauty, Rihanna is now a very busy entrepreneur and her time is busy – let’s say – between a company budget and a cuddle on the red carpet of the Met Gala with A $ AP Rocky.

It seems, however, that there are several rumors about his new album, and given the latest statements, we have reason to think that it is closer than expected. Rihanna herself told a reporter at a promotional event Savage x Fenty: “I don’t think you expect to hear anything like that, I can assure you. Whatever you’ve thought so far, it’s nothing you’ve heard of Rihanna before “. We just have to wait, at this point, for a surprise R9, a title that fans themselves have given to the next album and which Rihanna will probably keep.


25 came out in 2015, when Adele was, in fact, 25 years old. This year, the singer born in 1988 will turn 33. As the title of a new album it could certainly be suitable, if it turns into a 33 rpm LP it would also be a special coincidence, but for the moment we can continue to dream. Or not?

Rumors and tweets around the web continue to foment the idea that Adele’s new music is coming this month, indeed, even more this week. In fact, it seems that just two days ago, the radio speaker of The Morning Hot Tub and Stingray Hit List Countdown shared a tweet (now removed) that read: “Adele, new music. This week”. What can I say, autumn is coming, and we all need a heartbreaking successor for Hello, to vent all our melancholy with the wonderful voice of the English artist.


“I’ve been in the studio for a year and a half”Beyonce said in an interview with Harper’s Bazaar just a month ago. «Sometimes it takes me a year to search among thousands of sounds for the ones that make for me. There is nothing like the amount of love, passion and healing I feel when I’m in the recording studio. After 31 years, it’s just as exciting as when I was nine. Yes, new music is coming! “.


Is that enough for you? It should, for the time being. Queen Bey doesn’t release a solo album from hers Lemonade of 2016, if we exclude the various soundtracks (The Lion King) and movies (Homecoming) produced by you in this period of time. Taking out of the count also the album released with her husband, Jay-Z, with the name of The Carters (Everything Is Love of 2018) it seems to us that the time is ripe for the arrival of an heir.

Kendrick Lamar

Yes, it is a sore point. Especially for the words spent by the Compton rapper last August in which he announced that his next album will be his last. Not the last of his career, attention, but the last along with Top Dawg Entertainment, the Antony Tiffith label with which Kendrick has been publishing since its beginnings.

In the message shared by the artist on social networks there was also a link that redirected to a website, where fans could read some thoughts written directly by K-Dot. In the message, it reads: “I’ve spent most of my time thinking, writing, listening to my surroundings. In silence. I haven’t used my cell phone for months. Love, pain disturbed my comfort zone, but God has always given me the strength to carry on, speaking through my music and my family “. Here too, we think that the successor of DAMN, which among other things should have brought the artist on tour in Italy on 7 July 2020, on a date unfortunately canceled due to the pandemic.


When it comes to big absentees among the names of rap, surely Jay-Z aka Jigga is one of them. We are not – fortunately – missing too much given his big comeback with a couple of stanzas here and there. And by “here and there” we mean: in the latest albums by Drake and Kanye West, who shared the rhymes of 1/2 of The Carters to give prestige to their new recording projects, Certified Lover Boy And Donda.

The reality is that, however, Jay-Z hasn’t released a solo album since 2017, the year of 4:44, which did not go quite as planned. There are those who liked it very much and who even said that it was the most irrelevant record in Jay-Z’s entire discography. We will have to wait a little longer to have some confirmation on a new album (nothing has been spoiled about it yet), but perhaps to beat the release on time could be Watch The Throne 2, just paired with Kanye West.


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