50 Cent threw a microphone at a fan and she got hurt

Rapper joins 50 Cent’s “trend” Cardi B.after throwing a microphone at a fan during his concert at the Crypto.com Arena in Los Angeles.

Curtis James Jackson, (real name) threw the object in anger because his production had given him several broken microphones during his shows as part of his Final Lap Tour.

The action was said to have resulted in a blow to 50 Cent, an announcer at the Crypto.com Arena, Brianna Monegan, who suffered a serious head injury.

According to sources close to TMZ, rapper The 48-year-old man is suspected of criminal assault after Monegan accused him of throwing a microphone directly at her.

β€œThe victim told officers that 50 Cent looked directly at her before throwing the microphone. Well, according to her, she knew he was there,” the source said.

However, the “In da Club” singer’s attorney, Scott Lemon, said his client would never intentionally kill anyone.

International media shared a series Images Where Brihana Mongain is seen with a scar on her forehead. Likewise, with a blood-stained towel around his neck.

Fan injured up to 50 percent
The fanatic received injuries on his forehead.

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cardi b did too

Recently, singer Cardi B also got into similar trouble. During the rapper’s performance in Las Vegas in July, a fan threw her microphone at him, who spilled a drink on him.

The microphone bounced off an object and eventually hit another person near the stage. The victim lodged a complaint, but finally the investigator wap He was cleared of the charges.

Cardi B throws microphone at fan who threw drink at her at concert
Cardi B quickly reacted by throwing her microphone at the fan.

a few days later, microphone had come for eBayWhere it was auctioned for charity.

Scott Fischer, whose company provided audio support for the concert as well as several nightclubs in Sin City, sold the microphone to a bidder for $99,900.

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