50Cent in concert at the Sportpaleis: he didn’t put our heads in Antwerp

“What up gangsta” is thrown in the intro, followed very quickly by “Hate or love it” without his ex-friend-enemy The Game. The tube machine gun does damage: “PIMP”, “Candy shop”, “Magic stick”, “Little bit”, “21 questions”, “Window shopper”, “Best friend” (without Olivia), “I get money “, “This is how we do”, another collaboration with The Game, “Ayo technology” produced by Timbaland and Justin Timberlake, “Disco infierno”… In this sequence that brings back memories, we sometimes find more recent compositions like “The woo” with Fire Pop Smoke.

“In da club” in minor mode

There is no downtime. 50Cent wants to knock out the crowd Only problem: after 38 minutes of concerts, during the first false start of the stage, he has already given everything or almost… After the encore, place to “In da club”, his first commercial success dating from 2003. Don’t expect a performance upside down (and in Antwerp) like at the Superbowl in February! The song is delivered without dancers, nor dancers, and without great scenic artifice.

Second reminder after 52 minutes. 50Cent has spoken a few times to Belgian fans in the front row, to whom he will throw two jackets and a few squirts of water from his personal bottle. “This is the third time I’ve been here and each time it gets bigger and bigger!“, he says a little mechanically.

The show ends with “Baby by me” or even “If i can’t”. 10:12 p.m.: 50Cent leaves the room. 10:13 p.m.: the lights come back on. A few people boo. The European public is more demanding than the US public. We understand: the price of the ticket was between 69 and 89 euros…

50Cent’s European tour continues in ParisStockholm, Berlin, Cologne, Zurich… A hook is even planned in Yerevan, Armenia.

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