51 Xiaomi Stores will open on the same day, at the same time

Xiaomi was born with the idea of ​​selling smartphones almost exclusively online, over the years things have changed, and today it counts thousands of physical stores around the world. China and India are undoubtedly the countries with the largest number of physical stores of the brand but also in Europe and especially in Italy, Xiaomi is particularly committed in this year, opening dozens of Mi Stores throughout the peninsula.


In China, Xiaomi had an incredible 2021 in terms of growth. Only in January did the company open a thousand Xiaomi Stores in a few days, while in February quite another 382 points of sale of the brand. The November 27 Xiaomi will open others in China 51 Store with the aim of having as many points of sale as possible in the area.

“In the next year, every province will have a Xiaomi Home (Mi Store) so that every Mi fan has a Xiaomi home around,” he said last year. Lu Weibing, vice president of the Xiaomi group and general manager of the Redmi brand.

Now China owns a Xiaomi Store for each province of the country, for a total of over 2,500 shops. The vice president of the Chinese giant also claims that “this is just the starting point”.

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