-59% compared to Battlefield 5 –

Battlefield 2042 had a collapse of sales in UK as for the retail format, with a -59% compared to the results obtained in 2018 by Battlefield 5: this is certified by the surveys published by

Considering that the same Battlefield 5 has totaled sales below expectations, marking a -63% compared to Battlefield 1, the picture is that of a steady decline for the Electronic Arts franchise, at least in the field of physical copies.

In fact, it remains to be understood how the new episode of the series behaved in digital format, which in recent years has grown exponentially and has had a further, important boost during the lockdown. In short, the last word has not yet been said.

However there are gods problems it is now evident, users complain of various inconveniences and the farewell of chief designer Fawzi Mesmar a few days after the launch of Battlefield 2042 does not seem a coincidence.

Among the 10 worst-rated Steam games by users, Battlefield 2042 will certainly be improved over the next few weeks and months, but many are wondering if the game’s launch actually wasn’t rushed.

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