6 details of the new Netflix series

It comes 14th September Netflix thursday widowsA Mexican production miniseries that brings us a story full of intrigue, when 3 well-known members of high society are found dead in a swimming pool, while their wives search for the culprit of this murder.

The story is based on a fictional residential area called heights of waterfallsWhere? Teresa She must find out the truth after her husband’s death Tano And his two friends, but the deeper we investigate this mystery, the deeper the secrets come to light.

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with this plot So confused, we share with you some information that you should know before watching thursday widowsYes, read with full confidence, because it will not failed,

Why is it called ‘The Thursday Widows’?

series It was given this title because 3 women who had lost their husbands met every Thursday to forget their problems, which also included their partners and children.

Portrays the privileged social class from another perspective

behind the walls of heights of waterfallsThere is another reality hidden, where they do not show us the privileged class in an aspirational way, on the contrary, we can see double standards, evil practices, deceptions and degradation in the form of social criticism.

It’s not a linear story

conspiracy of thursday widows Doesn’t follow a straight timeline, as we know it in the beginning Tano And others were murdered, but as the scene progresses, we will be able to learn more about the victims and their families.

The cast of ‘The Thursday Widows’

He Distribution Of thursday widows It’s packed with Mexican talent, with faces that are more than familiar:

  • Cassandra Ciangherotti – Mavis Guevara
  • Omar Chaparro – Tano Scaglia
  • Irene Azuela – Teresa Scaglia
  • Alfonso Basway – Gustavo Maldonado
  • Juan Pablo Medina – Ronnie Guevara
  • Zuria Vega – Mariana Andrade
  • Pablo Cruz Guerrero – Martin de la Luna III
  • Mayra Hermosillo – Lala de la Luna
  • Gerardo Trejoluna – Ernesto Andrade
  • Sofia Cisniega – Carla Maldonado

series based on Novel argentina by the same name, written by claudia pineiro and was published with great success in 2005 Latin America,

The book had a movie before the series.

First Netflix Made my own Mexican adaptation, thursday widows It was adapted into a film in 2009. argentinawhich is also available on the platform streaming,

thursday widows This is the new Mexican bet NetflixAnd shows us a very different reality from what we usually see in these types of productions.

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