6 free games and 5 offers to enjoy playing Three Kings Day on PC and consoles: Saints Row, Shadow Tactics, Marvel’s Avengers and much more – PC

At Christmas and New Year we are absent, but we are back just in time for Three Kings Day to bring you several free games that you can claim or try for a few days on PC and console. We also include five offers that, in our opinion, are interesting. Without further ado, we invite you to take a look at this summary with the highlights of promotions for the weekend, with action, sports, simulation, etc.

Free games

Games to claim and keep forever

  • Kerbal Space Program [PC]. In a few weeks we will have the opportunity to enjoy its second installment, but while you have an opportunity to discover one of these little surprises that the industry gives us from time to time, a video game where you run the space program of an alien race, having to use a wide variety of parts to build spaceships that work according to the laws of aerodynamics and orbital physics. Claim it on the Epic Games Store until January 12.
  • Shadow Tactics – Aiko’s Choice [PC]. They already gave away the original video game a few weeks ago, but now from the Epic Games Store they offer us to continue their world with an independent expansion. Set in feudal Japan, and more specifically in the Edo period, the player is proposed to take control of the kunoichi Aiko and her band of assassins to end the ghosts of her past. Claim it on the Epic Games Store until January 12.

Games to try for a limited time

  • The Anacrusis [PC]. Still in the early access phase, this weekend we’ll have the chance to play a game of this four-player cooperative first-person shooter that takes place aboard a huge starship stranded in the far reaches of explored space, where you can team up and wipe out hordes of aliens. Play it for free on Steam until January 9.
  • cricket 22 [Xbox]. With the new year the Free Play Days return to Microsoft. The first on the list is a cricket simulator, which, although it is not a widely shared discipline in Spain, may allow you to get to know its world better, by presenting itself as the most accessible cricket game to date, thinking even for newbies to this game. sport. Play it for free with XBL Gold until January 9.
  • For The King [Xbox]. Also within the Free Play Days we have to download and taste these days this strategic role-playing game that combines roguelike and desktop elements in a stimulating adventure that takes place throughout the kingdom. It has a single player mode and a cooperative mode to play online and locally, ideal for this kings weekend. Play it for free with XBL Gold until January 9.
  • Saints Row (2022) [Xbox]. This last one is a bombshell. You can’t claim it and keep it forever, but you will have hours and hours to discover if it’s your ideal proposal to start the new year with explosions and lots of action, as well as the characteristic humor of the saga. This new foray into the series hasn’t caught the public en masse, but now you can see it for yourself. Play it for free with XBL Gold until January 9.

Other free games for subscribers

And the list of games to take advantage of the weekend does not end here, since we have the option to explore new free games for subscribers on services like PS Plus Essential, Xbox Live Gold, Stadia Pro, Prime Gaming, etc. As always, we invite you to join the 3DJuegos Discord server.

Deals: great games at a reduced price

In addition to these free games, we want to open the year with a small selection of offers that we have seen in the main stores and that we believe that, in our humble opinion, it can give you a lot of joy at the price they are.

  • Borderlands 3 [PC]. On Steam the Winter Sale closed yesterday, but in the Valve trade there are always little opportunities to expand our collection. For example, it has caught our attention to be able to get Borderlands 3 at 85% discounts, and thus enjoy a shooter-looter full of chaos and hundreds of weapons. You can buy it for 8.99 euros on Steam until January 17.
  • Civilization VI [PC]. What if with the New Year we consider conquering the world? This may be the video game to make your plan come true, the sixth installment of a historical saga where history is made through history. The proposal has many DLC, but the base video game, and at this price, already offers compelling reasons to enjoy many mornings, afternoons and nights. You can buy it for 5.99 euros on Steam until January 17.
  • The Last of Us: Part 2 [PS4]. Only for Three Kings Day there are several important discounts in the PlayStation Store. We already collected several a few days agobut we want to remember that you can get The Last of Us: Part II for less than 10 euros, a great gift in time for the premiere of its television adaptation on HBO Max. You can buy it for 9.99 euros in the PS Store until January 7.
  • Marvel’s Avengers [PS4]. Also available for Three Kings Day. Given the cast of characters she adapted, and the success Insomniac had with Spider-Man, audiences expected a lot more from Crystal Dynamic and her Avengers video game. It was not like that, but at the price it is now it is very difficult for us not to propose to give it a try. You can buy it for 9.99 euros in the PS Store until January 7.
  • 11-11 Memories Retold [Xbox]. “A thrilling war story”, was the title of 3DJuegos’ analysis of this emotional narrative adventure that tells the story of two soldiers on different sides during the First World War. As you can expect, it is one of those video games that are capable of reaching our hearts, and it also has careful art. You can buy it for 3.74 euros on Xbox until January 16.

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