6 little-known apps recommended by the world’s largest Android forum

The biggest Android forum on the internet reveals some little-known but especially useful apps.

6 little-known apps recommended by the world's largest Android forum
Are you looking for new apps? Do not miss this selection of little-known but very useful applications

More than 2.4 million members, the /r/Android subreddit is currently the largest forum on Google’s operating system in the world. It brings together Android enthusiasts from all over the world, and it is often possible to find great discoveries in the form of applications, games, tricks or tools.

Recently, several of the participants of this forum have chosen some of their most useful but little known android applications. And we have wanted to select the best.

notify me

Notify Me is a reminder app that serves to know at all times what we should do. The app allows create reminders that will appear in the form of notifications until they are manually removed. The reminders are customizable and it is extremely easy to use. In addition, it is free to download and does not contain ads.

Download on Google Play | notify me


Despite not being available on Google Play, DNS66 is one of the tools recommended by members of the Android forum on Reddit for its usefulness and ease of use.

Allows blocking of hostnames via DNS. to block advertising or improve privacy when browsing the Internet. It is a completely free and open source app.

Download on F-Droid | DNS66


Yes raisins of the synchronization services in the cloud of the big companies, SyncThing gives you the ability to keep your data in sync in a secure and decentralized way.

It is a free and open source tool, which ensures the integrity of the data and gives the user full control over it.

Download on Google Play | SyncThing

Recipe Keeper

Several of the members of the largest Android forum agree that Recipe Keeper It is the best tool out there. save and keep cooking recipes organized that are found on the Internet.

The app allows you to collect recipes from different websites or documents, categorize them and easily share them thanks to a simple and intuitive interface.

Download on Google Play | Recipe Keeper


Despite accumulating close to half a million downloads on Google Play, Tutanota It is not, by far, an app as well known as Outlook or Gmail. And yet it is one of the best email clients out thereby having a native data encryption system, notifications push snapshots, support for TLS protocols and much more.

It is an open source platform that allows create our own email addressand provides 1 GB of storage totally free.

Download on Google Play | Tutanota

Plain Gallery

More and more smartphone manufacturers decide do not include gallery apps on their mobiles, and instead they bet on Google Photos as an app to manage images and videos. However, not all users prefer this option.

For that reason, the users of the /r/Android forum have chosen Plain Gallery as the best alternative gallery app, for its simplicity, configuration options and the fact that it is free and open source.

Download on Google Play | Plain Gallery

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