6 Mutants That Should Return To The MCU!

The return of Hugh Jackman has us very excited, but that opens up the possibility of more mutants returning from the defunct Fox franchise.

Now that it’s been confirmed Hugh Jackman will return as Wolverines in Dead Pool 3 and that Tenoch Huerta, who plays namor in Black Panther: Wakanda Forever, confirmed that the character is a mutant, so each time the presence of the X Men is more deeply rooted in Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Although the arrival of these two characters to the MCU is good news, there are other mutants that should definitely join the MCUthanks to the important powers they possess and how interesting their stories are!That’s why in Out of Focus we present six mutants that may debut later in the MCU!



X-23, also known as Laura Kinney, is a superheroine known for apparently being the clone and later the adopted daughter of wolverines, created to be the perfect killing machine due to having enhanced regenerative healing, speed, and reflexes.

For years he worked for an organization called the Facility before joining the X-Force. It is later revealed that she is not a clone, but a biological daughter of Wolverines. Like his father, he also has retractable adamantium-coated bone on his hands and feet. Therefore, the incorporation of him would be very successful now that Hugh Jackman will join the MCUsince the interpretation he gave Daphne Keen on the tape Logan could make her a very powerful addition to the team of mutants.



Polaris He was an official member of the X Men which can control magnetism in a similar way to magnetwho for a long time suspected that he was his biological father because of the great resemblance they share.

Later, he had a complicated long-term relationship with xman havok, to whom she was engaged. The character has been characterized by struggling with recurrent mental health problems and we have already been able to see it in the television series The Giftedinterpreted by Emma Dumont.



Legion He is an Omega level mutant who has multiple personalities and each of them makes him stronger. Among them is, Jemail Karami, who was a terrorist who killed Legion, although his personality was absorbed by the mutant. He is also the son of Professor Charles Xavier Y Gabrielle Haller and has the ability of super speed, flight, x-ray vision, heat absorption, super strength, matter animation, and sonic scream.

This was the role that positioned dan stevens within Hollywood, and no doubt his connection to Xavier and its intense powers could open the possibility of great stories, since it bears certain similarities with Wanda Maximoff.



magick She is an omega mutant who has the ability to open teleporting “disks” between space and time. These disks are part of the demonic dimension of Limbo, and every time Magik teleports or teleports others, she has to visit this dark world.

Her powers make her one of the most powerful mystics in the world. marvel universeand in some realities it has become Supreme Sorceress, so seeing her in the MCU would be epic. Also, see Anya Taylor-Joy back on the screen fighting or arguing with the Stephen Strange by Benedict Cumberbatch would be a great comedic tool.


emma frost

One mutant that would definitely be surprising to see in the MCU is Emma Frost, who is a powerful telepath born into a wealthy Boston merchant family who starts a financial empire with Frost International and becomes the White Queen of the Hellfire Club.

This arc would be particularly interesting to explore, as in X-Men: First Class we see how Magneto recruits her to join his club of evil, but she is never mentioned again in the movies. See her as a powerful villain in the MCU would certainly be an interesting twist, as he also has the opportunity to become an antiheroine and eventually find redemption.

The character also ran the Massachusetts Academy, a place that secretly housed young mutants, whom Frost trained for his own interests. She for a long time was an enemy of the X-Men and clashed with the New Mutants and the New Warriors. She later had a tragic accident that changed her heart and led her to form a partnership with Professor X.



Storm she has the ability to control the weather and atmosphere, making her one of the most powerful mutants on the planet. She was recruited by Charles Xavier to be part of the X-Men, which he later came to lead.

The character was already portrayed for the first time on the big screen with the interpretation of Halle Berry in the movies of X Men (2000), X Men 2 (2003), X-Men: The Last Stand (2006) and X-Men: Days of Future Past (2014). Later on, the character returned and made a cameo as in Dead Pool 2.

But what would be interesting would be to see the return of Alexandra Shipp, who brought the character to life X-Men: Dark Phoenix. His version of Storm, younger and closer to the origins of the comic, was looking to be a very interesting protagonist, although in the end she was left out of the story of Jean Gray (Sophie Turner). Therefore, it would be interesting if they gave him a second chance and could grow in the MCU.


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