6 productions to see if you liked “Pálpito”, which remains number 1 among Netflix international series

The Colombian production “Pálpito” dominates the Netflix international series ranking for four weeks now. (Netflix)

three weeks ago Hunch (The Marked Heart)the Colombian production starring Michel Brown, Ana Lucia Dominguez Y Sebastian Martinezwas installed at the top of the ranking of international series of Netflix, and there it has remained, unbeatable, at a good distance from the titles that follow. With more than 48.5 million hours watched, it almost doubles Welcome to Eden, which started strongly in a first week of almost 26 million hours viewed, and leaves behind Business Proposalthe new Korean hit, which exceeded 19 million hours viewed.

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With a mix of drama, romance and thriller about organized crime, Hunch enters the horrific world of organ trafficking. It is a creation of the Venezuelan scriptwriter Leonardo Padron and in 14 episodes he puts the characters in extreme situations: Simón (Brown) has lost his wife, murdered to sell her organs, and in his search for revenge he falls in love with Camila (Domínguez), a photographer and wife of a millionaire who has received the heart of the woman that he cries.

"Hunch" It almost reaches 50 million views.  (Netflix)
“Pálpito” has almost reached 50 million views. (Netflix)

The rest of the cast includes Margarita Muñoz, Moisés Arizmendi, Juan Fernando Sánchez, Jacqueline Arenal, Mauricio Cujar, Julián Cerati, Valeria Emiliani, Camilo Amores Y John Tarquin.

If you count yourself among the many subscribers of the platform who converted to Hunch in the star international series of the moment, these other productions are for you.

Beat -Prime Video

Techno music and murders for international organized crime are mixed in the Berlin nights of “Beat”. (Prime Video)

Robert Beat Schlag (Jannis Niewohner) is a party promoter in the Berlin techno scene, where he is also one of the owners of the Sonar club. He puts into his body everything that helps him stay on his feet until well into the morning, he sleeps with all the people he likes, gets up at four in the afternoon and starts again. Until one day in Sonar the bodies of two women appear ceremoniously hung, open and without their internal organs.

Richard Dimer (Christian Berkel), agent of the European Secret Intelligence, wants to recruit him for an operation and appoints Emilia (Karoline Herfurth), as responsible for Beat. Classic thriller elements are then added to the music as Beat uncovers a dark plot, reaching deep into the international criminal underworld, and tying into his past in unexpected ways.

Kostja Ulmann Y Alexander Fehling stand out from the rest of the cast of this seven-episode series directed by Marco Kreuz Painter and written by himself together with Lennard Eberlein and Norbert Eberlein.

Illegal market (Trafficked) -Star+

Scammers, sex traffickers, counterfeiters of dollars, middlemen in the drug trade: each episode of this documentary series deals with a theme. (Star Plus)

The award-winning Portuguese-American journalist Mariana vanZeller created this series of thematic documentaries about the complex and dangerous networks of traffickers of all kinds: weapons, people, exotic species, drugs, counterfeits. over two seasons, illegal market offers a parade of scammers, sex traffickers, exploiters of marine wealth or the Amazon jungle, gang members and car thieves that disturbs while illuminating a reality generally protected by shadows.

With production of National Geographiceach episode documents international organized crime from the point of view of smugglers and traffickers, law enforcement agencies and national authorities, and most importantly, the people caught in the middle.

In addition to Van Zelle, they are executive producers of illegal market Bengt Anderson, Darren Foster, Gloria Coronado-Myatt, Ayanna Hart, Jeff Plunkett Y Ben Selkow.

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The girl who cleans (The Cleaning Lady) – HBOMax

In Las Vegas, an undocumented doctor accepts a strange job to finance the treatment of her sick son. (HBOMax)

For now there is only one season, but it has already been announced that this series will have a second. It tells the story of Thony de la Rosa, a Cambodian doctor who entered the United States without documents so that her son, who suffers from an autoimmune disease, can have treatment. She works at a cleaning service in Las Vegas.

Until Thony witnesses a murder. She tries to hide from her but the criminal discovers her. He then offers her an unusual job: cleaning the places he leaves stained with blood and providing medical care to members of his criminal organization. With that money, Thony could help his son, he thinks, and accepts. He thus plunges into a double life, behind the back of his family and the law.

This version of an Argentine series (The girl who cleansin Latin America) created by Greta Molas in 2017 it is starring the French Elodie Yungwhom they accompany Adam Singing Y Oliver Hudson.

Anatomy of a Scandal – Netflix

The British limited series has been celebrated by the interpretations of Sienna Miller, Rupert Friend and Michelle Dockery. (Netflix)

Another hit from Netflix, this limited series combines thriller with intricate emotional drama, such as Hunch, while adding, instead of trafficking networks, networks of influence in high politics. James Whitehouse, a wealthy and powerful British government minister, a close friend of Prime Minister Tom Southern, has a perfect life with his wife, Sophie, and his two children. Until a newspaper reveals that James has had an affair with his assistant in Parliament, Olivia Lytton, and the young woman accuses him of rape, for which he is separated from the government and faces trial, in front of a prosecutor who is willing to do anything. , Kate Woodcroft.

Realized by Melissa James Gibson (House of Cards), and written by David E Kelley (Big Little LiesAlly McBeal), anatomy of a scandal has been celebrated by interpretations of Sienna MillerRupert Friend Y Michelle Docky. They complete the cast Sebastian Selwood, Amelie Bea Smith, Ben Radcliffe, Naomi Scott, Josette Simon, Kudzai Sitima, Jonathan Coy Y Tom Turner.

In just one week after its premiere, this limited series reached number 1 of the Top 10 Global of the platform with 75.6 million hours viewed and displaced the second season of Bridgerton. Currently, with four weeks in the ranking, it ranks fifth among English-language series.

Heal the Living / Réparer les vivants -Prime Video

Based on the award-winning novel by French author Maylis de Kerangal, Mending the Living is an intense drama about when life ends and what it means to donate organs. (Prime Video)

A serious production on the medical science of organ transplantation and the importance of being a donor. Based on the award-winning novel by French author Kerangal Maylistells the story of a healthy and happy teenager whose fate intersects with a woman with degenerative heart disease.

After a sunrise surf session, three boys have an accident. One of them arrives at the hospital with brain death: it would be enough to disconnect him from the machines for him to die. His parents, separated and barely united by the shock of the news, listen to the compassionate team of doctors who explain their son’s situation and suggest organ donation.

In the role of these strangers whom chance brings together at a decisive moment and of maximum pain are Emmanuelle Seigner, Tahar Rahim, Anne Dorval, Bouli Lanners, Kool Shen Y Theo Cholbi. he led them Katell Quillevere.

Not a word (Hold Tight) – Netflix

“Not a word” is set in the outskirts of Warsaw. Idyllic suburban life comes to an abrupt end when a teenager goes missing. (Netflix)

The Barczyks have it all, both in material goods and in family happiness. But when her son Adam is shocked by the death of her friend Igor in an accident, Anna installs a tracking system on her cell phone. This allows him to listen to a conversation in which Adam takes responsibility for Igor’s death. Then Adam disappears in a place where, at the same time, the corpse of a woman appears. An investigation will reveal a much denser plot than previously believed, raising suspicions of the accidental nature of Igor’s death and incorporating shadowy characters who will do whatever it takes to find a laptop.

Based on a story by the American Harlan Coben, whose 33 mystery and suspense novels sold 75 million copies worldwide and since 2018 has been working with the platform to turn several of its titles into series. With the performances of Krzysztof Oleksyn, Piotr Napierała, Magdalena Boczarska, and Agata Labno Y Grzegorz Damiecki, not a word is the second Corben adapted after Forest inside (The Woods) and has the address Michael Gazda Y Bartosz Konopka.


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