7 Celebrities with brothers too handsome that perhaps you did not know

Television and movie celebrities who are admired not only for their talents but also for their beauty have siblings who are often as or more handsome than them. They also share impressive resemblances that surprise their fans.

Some siblings may be known, but they are obviously a bit overshadowed by the fame of their family member; but each one has its particularity and there is no doubt that there are genes that are very generous.

These are the seven celebrities who have some brothers that you did not know and who are very handsome:

Diego Bonet

Diego Boneta is the Mexican actor who plays Luis Miguel in the biographical series of the singer in Netflix He has a spectacular brother named Santiago Boneta.

In addition to handsome, the resemblance of the brothers is impressive but each one with a totally different course.

While Diego is a renowned actor with a long career, Santiago is studying for a degree at the renowned Duke University, one of the most prestigious in the United States and in all of America, located in North Carolina.

Danna Paola

The Mexican actress and singer, Danna Paola, She is one of the Latin artists that has achieved the greatest internationalization in recent times. She is absolutely focused on her musical career and alternates work commitments between Spain and Mexico.

He has only one sister Vania Rivera, who is an influencer on social networks and a fashion entrepreneur. They are both very beautiful and famous women.


The Spanish singer Belinda, who is much loved in Mexico, a country that opened doors for her and gave her the space to become an actress and singer She has a handsome brother whom she adores, Ignacio Peregrín.

Ignacio, affectionately known as ‘Nacho’ and Belinda they are surprisingly similaris not in the artistic world but has stolen attention on social networks and the press for how handsome he is.

Zack Efron

American actor Zac Efron has a very handsome younger brother named Dylan Efron.

Dylan is well known on social media and produced the first season of down to earthdocumentary series starring Zac, which premiered in 2020.

Ludwika Palette

Ludwika Paleta and her sister Dominica Paleta They bear such a resemblance that many think they are twins. They are of Polish origin and nationalized Mexicans.

They are both actresses Ludwika is remembered as “María Joaquina” from the telenovela Carrusel, while Dominika was in the teleseries “My grandfather and I” and in several telenovelas.

Chris Evans

Chris EvansActor He is world famous for his role in Captain America, has a little brother, Scott Evans, who also belongs to the world of cinemaalbeit in smaller roles, with stakes in Law and order.

Scott is three years younger than Chris and many say he is more handsome than Chris.

Emma Watson

Impossible to see this guy on the street and not associate him with the beautiful actress Emma Watson, they are identical! Alex is younger than Emma, ​​and his talent has not been overshadowed by the wake of his sister, her modeling career is going from strength to strength.

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