7 Hair Trends Spotted at the Oscars 2023

This morning, the Dolby Theater in Los Angeles has hosted a new edition of the most acclaimed film awards in the world: the Oscars. We review the red carpet and hand out the precious golden statuettes to the best outfits and hairstyles. And the winners are….

cate blanchett

Demonstrating her eternal elegance, Blanchett was once again one of the most acclaimed guests for her impeccable styling. «Shows a low updo with a textured effect and slightly wavy, which perfectly balances the features and offers an image of dense hair. It is a total success when we are looking for a sophisticated style but at the same time rejuvenates»it states Conchi Ariasfounder of Curlyhair Fieldsin Granada.

Florence Pugh

The British actress has worn one of the most daring and original up-dos of the night, a risk that has been a success. as she explains Monica Dukedirector of seesay lounge in Santander, «It is a high ponytail that turns on itself to integrate perfectly with the bangs. The different volumes that the updo draws are very flattering and the bow adds a delicate air to the outfit.»

Cara Delevingne

With her spectacular red dress by Elie Saab and recalling one of the most iconic images of Angelina Jolie, Delevingne has managed to capture all the spotlights. «The low bow with a parting on the side and a polished and shiny finish perfectly complements her asymmetrical gown and fabulous jewelry, bringing classic Hollywood glamor back to the red carpet.”tells us Mª Jose Llatadirector of Llata ​​Carrera Hairdresserin Cantabria.

Halle Berry

Halle Berry’s curls are a hallmark that she undoubtedly knows how to get the most out of. as he tells us Conchi Ariasfounder of Curlyhair Fields: «Shows a micro bob curly, hairstyle with water waves and movement at the ends, which allows you to add freshness to your sophisticated look. The long bangs help frame the features and are very flattering. In addition, the golden reflections give the hair a lot of lightness and dimensionality.”

Lady Gaga

The singer has chosen a sober look to which she has masterfully added her personal touch. «She has worn a braided updo at the back, which ends in a small bow also braided. On the whole, reminiscent of the classic Italian bows but in a more modern and daring versionsomething that emphasizes thanks to the color contrasts in the hair»it states Mª Jose Llatadirector of Llata ​​Carrera hairdresser.

Ana de Armas

The Spanish-Cuban actress has opted for simplicity in her Oscars look, enhancing her natural beauty and her Louis Vuitton dress. «She has very beautiful hair: healthy, shiny and full-bodied; therefore, she does not need to make great innovations to shine. Here It shows off a minimalist mane, with a parting in the center and a mirror finish«comment Monica Dukedirector of seesay lounge.

halle bailey

The young actress who plays The Little Mermaid has made everyone fall in love with her look worthy of Disney. “Has chosen an elaborate updo with a sculptural finish It looks like a real work of art. Thus, he demonstrates once again the versatility of his iconic dreadlocks and how it is possible to give them an elegant and delicate look”, he affirms Conchi Ariasfounder of Fields Curlyhair.

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