7 hairstyles for a job interview with which you will leave the best impression

In addition to your CV and your outfit for the occasion, you should also plan your hairstyles for a job interview! Because yes, the hair fulfills a very important function as first impression, since a stylized hair, in order and under control, appropriate for the type of position to which you are applying, speaks very well of you. Recruiters have a few seconds to look at you and perceive that differentiator with which they will remember you forever, or you can simply go unnoticed and even leave an unwise precedent if you go very disheveled or with a look that is too produced for a gala event.

The secret to success with your hair and leaving a positive impact is to choose a simple and formal look, but with an extra touch of style that expresses your personality; Of course, without being very voluptuous or elaborate. And to save you the effort of searching for ideas, today we bring together the best hairstyles for a job interview, so that you can put them to the test beforehand and look like a professional on the big day. Run for your comb!

classic low bun

If you have a formal, traditional and romantic taste, there is no better hairstyle to wear to an interview what a bum Of course, consider that it will look much better if you have thick hair. The key to getting it right is to style it slightly polished and with some strands outlining the face (you can pass them through a tong to give them a nice shape) and then combine it with a simple and pretty blouse, like the one in the following image.

To look more professional and elegant, keep the garter from showing in your hairstyles.

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cord braid

To go a step up from boring three strand braids, we suggest trying the sophisticated and on-trend cord braid which is a 10 for any outfit. job interview. A favorite of Amanda Seyfried and Blake Lively, this hairstyle It consists of making a low ponytail and dividing it into two sections, which you will twist and twist around each other like a cord until you reach the end. Secure with a clear garter, slip on some cute, understated earrings, and you’re all set!

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