7 Switch games on sale for less than 3 euros to start 2023 off right

Although the dreaded January price is just around the corner, you can make it easier by starting to save, or by spending less with these offers on Nintendo Switch games for less than 3 euros. A great way to start the year by rocking Nintendo Switch.

We have collected 7 very cheap and good Switch games available on sale in the eShop right now. Some of them may not sound like anything to you, but don’t be fooled, because they are good games with a price ridiculous, to which you can hardly say no.

Will they be among the things you’re going to play the most in 2023 to make it into your personalized roundup for next year? Only time will tell, since 2023 comes loaded with premieres on all platforms, from day one.

In any case, we are talking about Nintendo Switch games with discounts of 80-90%real bargains among which there is a little bit of everything, including a cooperative game to enjoy in company.


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And if the very low price in itself is not attractive, we have selected games of very varied genreswhich range from adventure with a casual tone, through classic platforms and even puzzle games very nice.

And we are going to start with a game released in 2021, but which has gradually made a name for itself thanks to its fabulous atmosphere and square graphics in the style of the first PlayStation.

7 Switch games on sale to make the January slope more bearable

Mysteries Under Lake Ophelia

Mysteries Under Lake Ophelia Nintendo Switch

In Mysteries Under Lake Ophelia You are a boy who decides to go fishing in the lake. You will only have to spend the day fishing and exchange what you get for a delicious meal or new equipment, a game on offer for Switch for less than 3 euros, that will make the slope of January 2023 more bearable.

It is a small and curious place where you can find fish from all over the world. No one knows why and it seems most don’t care either, but you can expect the unexpected. the mind behind Fatum Betula sign this new game, which is now on sale with an 81% discount, that is, for €0.99 in the eShop.

Trash Quest

Trash Quest

Trash Quest is a compact metroidvania with a single spawn point and playing as a raccoon aboard a space station. The mission of the game? get as much trash as possible

Explore a maze of interconnected rooms and destroy robots, collect power-ups and unlock shortcuts. With each level the difficulty increases, but its 90% discount and its €0.99 in eShop will contribute to this Nintendo Switch offer for less than 1 euro make the January slope more bearable.

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Bug Academy

Bug Academy

Bug Academy is an action game where you control a swarm of insects. Go through walls and deliver fridges, send rockets into space with chili sauce or catch ghosts with a vacuum cleaner in another of the Switch games on offer below 3 euros.

Everything is possible in this crazy game. If you complete all the lessons, you graduate from Bug Academy. And, if it is with this price of €1.29 in eShop thanks to its 90% discount, surely you will be more interested.

Legend Of The Skyfish

Legend Of The Skyfish

Legend Of The Skyfish is an action-adventure puzzle game with a unique weapon and tool: a fishing rod! Another of the Switch games on sale at a very low priceespecially if we take into account that it costs almost the same as a coffee.

Follow the fearless Little Red Hook on her journey with the Moonwhale to defeat the monstrous Skyfish. Use the fishing rod as a weapon or a hook and enter their world thanks to the 80% offer and its €1.59 in eShop.

Strikey Sisters

Strikey Sisters

Strikey Sisters It can be defined as the classic block breaking game fused with a dungeon and magic game. Move a character on a horizontal axis below the screen to bounce balls of magic, just like in Breakout.

Highlights your fantasy dungeon crawler RPG art style, with many levels to conquer, unique power ups, many monsters and beasts to find. Another of the Switch games reduced to less than 3 euros, exactly €1.99 on eShop (80% discount). And best of all, it has a local cooperative.



INSIDE, the fabulous indie from Playdead, studio of the equally great Limbo, is on sale again. He plays like a child in this title that mixes action, platforms and puzzles with a lateral development, in a dark setting in which we won’t be very clear about what is happening.

Try to move stealthily to escape from the facilities towards freedom in what was one of the revelation games of 2016. Now, years later and still current, you can savor its premise for €1.99 on eShop thanks to its 90% discount %.

Golf Club Wasteland / Aspire Ina’s Tale Bundle

Golf Club Wasteland / Aspire Ina's Tale Bundle

Golf Club Wasteland / Aspire Ina’s Tale Bundle is a pack with these two Nintendo Switch games for less than 3 euros. Both delve into what the past brings us and what the future holds; perfect to make the slope of January 2023 more bearable.

Find out what happened to the future ruins of Earth as you play elite golf in Golf Club Wasteland o Guide Ina as she escapes her past and discovers true freedom in Aspire: Ina’s Tale. Both together, on sale with an 87% discount, at a price of €2.98 on eShop.

And with this bundle we conclude this selection of deals in new year 2023 for Nintendo Switch. Surely you have found the perfect game to enjoy your hybrid console. Remember, yes, that like all offers, they have an expiration date and will be available for a few days.

With everything cleared up, these 7 Nintendo Switch games on sale for less than 3 euros they are more than perfect for doing more bearable the fearsome slope of January 2023.

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