76-year-old woman shoots her dying husband in hospital – USA – International

The woman who shot her husband to death this Saturday at the hospital in
Daytona Beach, Florida
where he was hospitalized in a terminal state, he told the police that he had asked her to do it and that the plan began for her to take her own life later, according to local media information.

Police identified the woman as Ellen Gilland, 76, and the husband as Jerry Gilland, 77.

“Since he was terminally ill, they had a discussion and planned what to do about three weeks ago,” Daytona Beach Police Chief Jakari Young told television channels in that city on Florida’s east coast.

Ellen Gilland was arrested as soon as she left her hospital room AdventHealth where her husband was, where she barricaded herself after shooting him and didn’t come out until about three hours later, according to police.

Young said that he was arrested for homicide, but it will be the Prosecutor’s Office that will file the charges against her.

According to a police statement released on Saturday, January 21, agents specialized in negotiation were sent to the hospital when the death of Jerry Gilland was known to convince the armed woman to leave the room and turn herself in.

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Police asked people to stay away from the AdventHealth Hospital site and area. where the events occurred. The area was evacuated to protect staff and patients.

According to Young, in that terminally ill area, located on the 11th floor of the hospital, most of the patients are connected to respirators, so evacuation was very difficult.

On the other hand, Channel 9 of Daytona Beach, indicated that it is still not known how Ellen Gilland did to circumvent the hospital controls and introduce a gun into the medical center.

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