8 brutal German movies to watch on Netflix

There are very good german movies on Netflix and some are worth knowing.

In series themes, Germany has already released some great stories (such as Dark, Perfume, Biohackers and the series that gives a supernatural touch to the story of Sigmund Freud, and 1899 is on its way), but sometimes you want to see something shorter, where you can discover the ending without having to spend several hours sitting in front of the screen, and that’s where the movies can save you.

And the best part is that German productions, at least in Netflixthey usually have great mysteries, criminal stories, a lot of tension and even disturbing elements that you will not be able to get out of your head.

At the top are a vampire and terrorist film, the space thriller with Anna Kendricka supernatural thriller with one of the actors from Darkand a teen horror that has to do with ghosts, haunted houses, murder and possession.

German movies you must watch on Netflix:

Blood Red Sky


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This horror thriller puts a twist vampiresque to the typical terrorist stories. Directed by Peter Thorwarth (screenwriter of The Wave), the film follows a mother who sets out to take a long overnight flight with her son to the other side of the world for urgent medical treatment, but the journey is interrupted when a group of terrorists take the plane, not realizing that they are not the only danger that is there.



This content can also be viewed on the site it originates from.

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