He General Council of Colleges of doctors (Cgcom) has just published the book Pioneering women in medicine Spanish, a work that pays homage to those first women who were part of the medical colleges of Spain, as well as those doctors who have been breaking down barriers.

The work, prefaced by the Minister of Health, Carolina Darias, includes the profile of 134 Spanish doctors from the last century. The book highlights four female doctors from Cordovathree of them (Carmen Dominguez, Antonia Nevado and Mercedes Zapatero) were pioneers in studying Medicine and in practicing the profession, when higher education was accessed mainly by men, and the fourth is the current president of the College of Physicians Cordovan, Maria Carmen Ariaswho in 2021 became the first woman to preside over this institution in Córdoba.

Cordovan doctor Antonia Nevado Vargas, born in 1920.

Antonia Nevado Vargas

Currently, women are the majority in medical schools and in the practice of the profession. A very different picture was the one that existed when Antonia Nevado Vargas (Villaviciosa, 1921) decided to study Medicine. Daughter of Dr. Rafael Nevado and María Vargas, was part of a family with three generations of doctors. Nevado began Medicine in Seville and finished his degree in Madrid. He obtained his degree in 1946 and in the capital Córdoba did the specialty of Pediatrics and Childcare at the National School of Childcare, directed by Ciriaco Laguna.

According to this book, this doctor began her work in Córdoba capital in the drop of milk, a clinic that sought to reduce infant mortality and prevent malnutrition through the daily supply of sterilized milk. This doctor also worked as a pediatrician at Obra Sindical 18 de Julio until the integration of this team into Social Security in the early 1970s and practiced in the outpatient clinic South Sector until your retirement in 1991. In addition, he dedicated himself to private medicine and received the Gold Medal from the Averroes Cultural Circle. He passed away in 2014.

Dr. Carmen Domínguez Calero, in her first years of practice.

Carmen Domínguez Calero, the “children’s doctor”

Six years after Antonia Nevado, Carmen Domínguez Calero was born in 1926 in whitewell. In 1945 he went to Madrid to study Medicine at the San Carlos Clinical Hospital of the Complutense University and later did Pediatrics and Childcare. She married Guillermo Blanco, also a doctor, and She was known as the “children’s doctor.” It accumulated more than 12,000 medical records of minors in the Los Pedroches region. She was on call 24 hours a day until she opened the Pozoblanco hospital and because she was the only one in her specialty. She was a pioneer in infant feeding, breastfeeding and vaccination, since she fought hard for the majority of children to be vaccinated.

The former president of the Cordoba doctors Eladio García decorated Carmen Domínguez.

For many years Carmen Domínguez spent a consultation at her home, but later she also did so at the health center starting in 1986. She was dedicated to medicine for 44 years and had seven children, one of whom was also a pediatrician from Pozoblanco Carmen Blanco Domínguez and two other sons of his are nurses. Carmen Domínguez passed away in 2019, and in honor of her outstanding career, the health center of Pozoblanco bears his name Since three years ago.

Mercedes Zapatero Martinez

The other female doctor the book refers to Pioneering women in Spanish medicine is Mercedes Zapatero Martinez, born in Córdoba in 1947 and died in 2017. She studied Medicine in Seville and, after returning to Córdoba, together with Dr. Domingo García, she promoted the Pediatrics and Neonatology Service of the now-defunct Lieutenant Colonel Noreña health residence.

She was appointed head of the Neonatology section of the Noreña residence, a center where she iIt promoted care for premature infants and critical newborns. He helped tens of thousands of children to be born and grow up and helped to set up, together with renowned pediatricians, the Maternal and Child building of the Reina Sofía University Hospital, with Armando Romanos as department head.

Dr. Mercedes Zapatero.

In her last care period at the Reina Sofía, Mercedes Zapatero was responsible for perineonatological care. In addition, she was in charge of the Unit of Pediatrics and Neoanthology of the red cross hospitalduring the last 29 years of his professional activity.

The current president of the College of Physicians of Córdoba, María Carmen Arias Blanco.

Maria Carmen Arias Blanco

María del Carmen Arias Blanco (Villaralto, 1962) was elected president of the College of Physicians of Córdoba in November 2021, being the first female to hold such responsibility. She is a doctor linked to family and rural medicine for three decades. She studied Medicine in Córdoba and also obtained the title of Doctor of Medicine with the qualification of outstanding cum laude. She is a specialist in Family and Community Medicine, a researcher at Imibic and a resident tutor, among other merits.

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