9-year-old girl will study medicine at university

Michelle Arellano Guillén, a nine-year-old Mexican girl, is considered a genius, and was accepted to the university, where from August she will be studying medicine.

Although it may seem incredible, at her young age, Michelle Arellano will study medicine online, to later become a cardiovascular surgeon, enrolling at the University of Massachusetts, United States, where his mother graduated from the same career.

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According to several local media, the little girl was rejected from several schools and her parents decided to carry out medical tests that showed that her daughter is part of the world’s gifted people.

The intelligence quotient recorded 158 points, that is, only a few below those of Albert Einstein.

As it was known, Michelle, at only 1 and a half years old, already spoke English, and at 4 she already knew how to read and write, so her parents chose to request that she be advanced in courses at her school when they saw her great progress in her studies. She went from fourth year to sixth grade of primary school, however, her intelligence continued to surprise and evaluations were carried out so that she immediately approved both primary and secondary.

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As pointed out by El Comercio de Perú, At nine years old, Michelle dominates four languages ​​other than Spanish currently: English, Italian, French and German, he also has accelerated learning due to his high IQ.

In this way, the little girl born in Chiapas, Mexico, will enter the university in the month of August and will begin her university studies in medicine, however, her parents declared that this is not the only professional career that her little girl wants to pursue, but they have already confirmed that the girl will seek to study another career, that of marine biology.

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