9-year-old girl’s parents sacked for death after she was admitted to hospital

The judge in Bahía Blanca has dismissed the parents of a 9-year-old girl who was hospitalized last November for mutilation, where she later died, and who was allegedly abandoned by a man. The case was started. from death and sexual abuse, judicial sources reported today.

This is one of the reasons that the investigation began on November 26, 2022 when the minor was admitted to a hospital in the said city, south of Buenos Aires, due to loss of consciousness, vomiting and dismemberment, from which he died.

Case sources indicated that “after an autopsy it was determined that the minor died of severe dehydration, nonviolent gastroenteritis and hypovolemic shock” and “apparently she may have been a victim of abuse.”

Based on this record, Bahía Blanca Prosecutor’s Office No. 4 ordered a series of complementary chemical tests, among other elements related to the investigation of the case.

The Public Prosecutor’s Office indicated today that “after various investigative actions, the parents of the minor were acquitted of the crime of causing death and sexual abuse after the release of a person by order of the Court of Guarantee 1”.

“With regard to the person’s abandonment, it was stipulated that when the girl showed signs of a breakdown, she was treated and hydrated, according to prevailing expertise; and that when she fainted, she was immediately taken to a medical The center was moved,” he said. indicated.

With regard to the alleged episode of sexual abuse, it was pointed out that after various reports and expertise “no physical signs consistent with crimes against sexual integrity were identified and the DNA samples did not contain male genetic material.”

Finally, it was indicated that another financial unit of Bahía Blanca would continue an investigation into another file related to the alleged crime of murder “to analyze the conduct of the professionals who took care of the minor.” (Telam)

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