90% of inpatients have vascular risk

More than 130 internists have participated last Thursday and Friday in Seville in the XVIII Vascular Risk Meeting of the SEMI

October 24, 2022. 12:27 pm

The majority of patients seen in Internal Medicine (up to 9 out of 10, according to the MICARE study), have some vascular risk factor. Also, about half already have established vascular disease. This is applicable both in monographic consultations and in general and independently of the type of hospital. This has been revealed in the XVIII Vascular Risk Meeting of the SEMI. More than 130 internists have attended it.

It should be remembered that the main vascular risk factors include: high blood pressure (HTN); dyslipidemias; diabetes or obesity. And among its main consequences are: stroke or heart failure, the latter very prevalent in Internal Medicine.

During the course of the meeting, practical topics of interest for the management of these patients have been addressed. Among others, the prescription of diet or exercise in the consultation. Also the proper assessment of the effectiveness of antithrombotic treatment.

News in vascular risk

On the other hand, the main therapeutic novelties in this area have been addressed. Luis Castilla, coordinator of the SEMI Vascular Risk WG, provided more information on them. “They are changing the treatment schemes of our patients. This is the case of semaglutide, an analog of glucagon-like peptide 1 (GLP-1), in obese diabetic patients. Likewise, with bempedoic acid in patients with intolerance to statins”.

In this line, we have analyzed new drugs and molecules in the cardiovascular sphere. This is the case of vericiguat, an oral stimulator of soluble guanylate cyclase. This is indicated in patients with heart failure and reduced ejection fraction. Inclisiran was also cited, a first-of-its-kind small interfering RNA (siRNA) therapy that reduces hepatic synthesis of PCSK9 for LDL-cholesterol reduction and control.

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