98% of consumers continue to receive commercial calls after the ban

Seville, July 1 (EFE). – 98.3% of consumers continue to receive unsolicited commercial calls despite their ban going into effect on June 29, 2023, over a year ago, which includes the right not to receive unsolicited commercial calls. for communication purposes, unless the user has prior consent.

This was confirmed by the consumer association Facua, which obtained this percentage in a survey carried out from June 28 to 30, in which 4,053 consumers took part.

The report’s results show that 68.1% of participants received more than five sales calls in the past month, an increase of eleven points from the previous survey.

69.6% of respondents stated that although they asked the operator not to contact them again during the call, they received another call from the same company offering services.

Among the service sectors where consumers received the most unwanted calls, telecommunications came first (73.5%), followed by energy services (71.8%).

The insurance sector ranks last on the list with 25.1%, followed by calls to offer alarms (6.4%) and loans (5.9%), which rank last.

Faqua recalls that Article 66.1 of the General Telecommunications Law states that consumers have the right “not to receive unsolicited calls for the purpose of commercial communications, unless the prior consent of the user to receive this type of commercial communications is obtained.”

According to the survey, only 9.9% of consumers claim to know how to report unwanted commercial calls, so, as Faqua explained, users can file a complaint with the Spanish Agency for Data Protection (AEPD), the body responsible for monitoring compliance with these rules. EFE


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