A 4-day hole in the 2022 Dota 2 International schedule for Justin Bieber

Many people found the initial announcement of a 4-day gap between the 2022 Internationals unusual. But now we know why the final and most thrilling part of the tournament will have its own week, which you can follow LIVE and bet on the Dota 2 in GG.Bet. Pop music sensation Justin Bieber could be the driving force behind these adjustments. Bieber’s Justice World Tour will take place on October 25 at the Singapore National Stadium, the same venue as the International 2022.

Bieber will share the stage at the 2022 International

Singapore’s National Stadium appears to be cleaning up after games on October 23, preparing for Bieber’s show and then recreating the stage for The International. The two events could also share some pieces of infrastructure.

Due to this disparity, The International will take a rare break in the middle of the playoffs, from October 24-28. On October 29, regular play, presumably between the top four in the event, will resume. This break is likely to further frustrate fans who have lost tickets to resellers. However, the schedule change was likely decided by Valve, Singapore National Stadium management and Justin Bieber’s tour.

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