A call for humans in front of AI like Chat GPT and Midjourney

What message should be given to the youth in the midst of revolution like technology and artificial intelligence? gpt-chat And midway, mexico 21st century It began with a message to the 10,000 youth on and off the stage of the National Auditorium, calling for humanity, spirit and creativity.

frida kahlo vs midjourneyThe feelings of the Mexican icon cannot be compared with technology. It’s the same with the messages and ideals that inspired us Checo Perez, Paola Longoria, Guillermo del Toro More characters who have marked the history of Mexico, or yes? Perhaps it still cannot be reiterated and that was the message, never stop connecting to the essence of what is human and for humans.

This is not a declaration of war against AI Telmex Telcel Foundation -Sponsored by the companies of the same name- are a benchmark in communications and technological progress in Latin America. So this is not a shot in the foot, but an invitation to be a bridge with him to move forward.

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artificial intelligence in mexico
Artificial intelligence and its health benefits have helped in improving consultations, being more effective. In education, adjusting the way learning is offered and improving the grounds for it to continue. Carlos Slim Domit, during the opening of the event, explained how technology from different sectors is allowing to develop more quickly and with tangible benefits in the short term.

issue number 21 sponsored by mexico twelfth century Telmex Telcel Foundation It has the support of 10,000 youths; It is led by Alberto Latti, Oso Trava, Majo and a “person” from the artificial intelligence Sof-IA.

pepe aguilar At the end of which he remembered a message about connectivity: To know where you are going, you have to understand where you came from. how good it is that we are connected to the whole planet, but please don’t break up with mexico,

Who are the guests at Mexico Siglo XXI 2023?
This is the 2023 guest list: Carlos Slim Domit, President Felipe Gozalez, Alfonso Cuarón, Amy Cuddy, successful women: Katya Echazarreta, Nuria Diosdado, Diana Flores, Paola Longoria and Elena Regdas; Jesús Guzmán, Will Smith, Andre Agassi and Steffi Graf, Arturo Elias Ayoub.

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What is Mexico Siglo XXI?
the purpose of the event is encourage their trainees Seeks to exchange all levels of knowledge and ideas across multiple disciplines, sharing learning through the experience of experts in economics, politics, business, technology, arts, sports and other fields. the occurrence of Telmex Telcel Foundation in Mexico It brings thousands of scholarship holders together at the National Auditorium in Mexico City and brings them closer to the life experiences of national and international leaders.

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