A Canarian guide to help care for and prevent side effects of cancer treatment

Cancer treatments, most of the time, produce side effects in the patients who receive them. because of this reason, Doctor Padron Proctological InstituteA reference center has been created in the Canary Islands a special guide In proctological pathology for those who suffer from these sequelae as a result of medication.

neith ortegaProctological doctor-surgeon explained at the center atlantic today The reasons that led to the creation of this guide, as well asAbout the information collected and its usefulness This can occur in affected patients, especially in the anal area, rectum, and colon.

side effects of treatments

Most cancer treatments usually cause weakened immune systemAccording to the doctor, patients are therefore more susceptible to infection, diarrhea and the development of anal fissures. His health condition, due to the development of these pathologies and the healing process, “which can be resolved in two or three weeks, The development and treatment process of these disorders is complex for them,

The clinic specializes in these pathologies, such as fissures, fistulas and hemorrhoids, “Oncology patients come in with proctology problems, especially anal fissures, which “They cause more pain and anxiety than chemotherapy treatments”, The main motivation in creating this guide is to help our patients.

Neeth Ortega, Proctological Surgeon at Doctor Padrón Proctological Institute/CEDIDA

lack of information

Ortega points out that oncologists don’t warn about potential side effects of treatment beyond cases of diarrhea or constipation, so patients don’t realize that fistulas or abscesses — cavities with pus — may develop. “These pathologies are left in the background because they are benign and they are not given recommendations regarding the consequences of medications. But they limit the individual, which is why we created this guide,” he attests.

Similarly, if the person goes to his family doctor, “he is not an expert in this area, so.” It doesn’t have the most appropriate management and probably treats the fissure as if it were hemorrhoids.And this worsens development because each pathology has its own treatment,” says the doctor.

Most patients who go to the specialized center “symptoms persist for months because they have not been examined well enough” and, as a result, “they have to undergo a lot of follow-up or even undergo surgery. ” With this guide, It’s about stopping people from getting to that point and making recommendations“So that as they have a hard time with treatments and tumors, at least they don’t have to deal with proctological pathology that limits them even more,” says Ortega.

avoid problems

In the guide, experts from Doctor Padrón Proctological Institute PThey delve deeper into the most common pathologies and offer specific recommendations For the management of chemotherapy-related symptoms and side effects. Also, “alarm symptoms so that patients go for consultation as soon as possible and avoid complications.”

The purpose of the guide is “to get it to patients so that they Start your treatment as soon as you feel discomfort and prevent these problems from worsening. By providing the necessary information and recommendations” and “not ending with major surgeries”, concludes the doctor, who is convinced that the drugs are increasingly “more targeted and cause fewer side effects.”

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