A cartel on the border offers $45 million for drug traffickers most wanted by the DEA | News Univision United States

The United States Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) placed a poster on the border with Mexico offering $45 million for several of the capos most wanted Mexicans by the United States.

As published by reporter Ioan Grillo, correspondent for the newspaper New York Times in Mexico on his Twitter account, a poster was placed in the San Ysidro port of entry that connects to the city of Tijuana, Baja California.

It shows images of Rafael Caro Quinteroalias ‘Rafa’, one of the ten most wanted fugitives by the US, for whom $20 million is being offered; Ismael Zambada Garciaalleged leader of the Sinaloa cartel, for whom up to $15 million is being offered.

In its file, the DEA also included Ivan Archivaldo Guzman Salazaralias “El Chapito” and Jesus Alfredo Guzman Salazarboth sons of Joaquín ‘El Chapo’ Guzmán, who are also part of the Sinaloa cartel and for whom $5 million is offered for information on the whereabouts of each one.

Ismael Zambada Sicairos, alias ‘Mayito Flaco’ and/or Caballero, whose image only transcended last February. This man had remained in the shadow of the Sinaloa Cartel led by his father, Ismael Zambada García. The DEA considered Ismael Zambada Sicairos as the reveal of the “criminal empire.” No sum of money is offered for him.

Alfonso Limon Sanchezalias ‘Poncho Limón’, operator of ‘El Chapo’, and Alfonso Arzate Garcia, also known as ‘Aquiles’, also a member of the Sinaloa cartel, appear in the images. For them, however, no reward is offered.

The DEA seeks to reduce fentanyl trafficking

Reporter Ioan Grillo, who is an expert on drug trafficking issues, detailed on his Twitter account that the new campaign takes place amid the frustration that exists among US authorities due to “the level of fentanyl trafficked” and what they consider “lack of action” by the Mexican government.

“The vast majority of synthetic opioids entering our country come from our southern border into the United States,” said DEA Assistant Special Agent in Charge Misha Piastro.

According to Piastro statements cited by the site borderreport.comMexico-based drug trafficking organizations are using border crossings, such as those in San Diego and Tijuana, to smuggle drugs.

“We are seeing it in large quantities, we are seeing more and more fentanyl every year, last year we had record seizures,” Piastro said.


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