A close friend of Cristiano Ronaldo explained why he signed with Al Nassr of Saudi Arabia

The big stars, throughout history, had to learn to live with comparisons or relate to detractors. The football environment is complex even for the most outstanding, to such an extent that Cristiano Ronaldo started a new adventure in al nassr and ran into some questions. In that context, Ed Aguirre -journalist and friend of the Portuguese- explained the reasons why the offer from Saudi Arabia was accepted.

Resisting an archive does not seem like an easy task, much less for those protagonists who are persecuted daily by cameras and microphones. In recent days, a statement has gone viral CR7 He did in 2015: “I still have six or seven years left and I want to finish my career at the top, with dignity, at a great club. This does not mean that I think that going to the United States, Qatar or Dubai is not right, but I don’t see myself there,” he said in dialogue with English TV when he was a goalscorer for Real Madrid.

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Although seven years have passed since that look, in the field of baseball they brought it out with some malice. Finding himself at the center of the controversy, the communicator and close friend appeared on the scene to put an end to the reproaches and explain the true reasons for the European striker.

“Before he traveled to Arabia, we were at his house having coffee and he told me about how he would like to feel that again, to compete again, to train again with joy, to smile again, to play again every Sunday and to return to feel important. To be that truly competitive Cristiano Ronaldo again,” he said. aguirre during the program The beach bar.

The intimacies did not expire there and the person close to the Portuguese made it clear that it was not a lightning operation, but that they had been talking for several months. Logically, the pharaonic salary that they put on the table ended up tipping the scales towards acceptance. “Cristiano is not just a footballer, he is a brand and he is the biggest contract in the history of the sport and he will be admired for years to come. The whole world is watching Arabia and Ronaldo. The precedent that he has set today is incredible. What the Arabian league will grow, and the players that will go in the coming months and years will be incredible”.

It was not the only alternative

Sitting at the press conference and before going out to the stadium Mrsool Park For the first time, Cristiano – true to his eccentric personality – was clear: he announced that it is not the end of his career, that he wanted to continue making history and listed the leagues that sought him out before signing the impressive agreement.

Along the same lines was Aguirre, who highlighted: “He has had offers from Europe but none motivated him so much. There were two teams that he would have liked, but to go to a second-tier team, and continue to have that pressure to prove something that he no longer has to prove, he has chosen to play in a minor league.”

And he closed: “I am not saying that he wanted to compete and that is why he went to Arabia. No. I am talking about the fact that he wanted to compete for him, to feel that he was playing, that they love him, because at United he was not playing with the coach and in the World Cup it went as it did”, Aguirre explained about the last stretch of the season. Portuguese sports career.

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