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Under contract until 2023, Lionel Messi could soon extend the adventure until 2024. However, at the same time, a long-time suitor still dreams of signing him. This is David Beckham’s Inter Miami. More

An extension to PSG in the pipeline

Author of a contrasting first season at Paris Saint-Germain, Lionel Messi could have taken advantage of this summer transfer window to get a change of scenery. Nothing will happen. The Argentinian legend, however not spared by the critics, seems determined to silence his detractors and go through with his contract. A lease which currently runs until 2023. But for the past few days, the rumor of an extension until 2024 has gained ground. And this while in parallel, another from MLS reaches out to him. And obviously does not intend to lower them in its objective to repatriate a player with world notoriety.

PSG want to renew Lionel Messi (iconsport)
PSG want to renew Lionel Messi (iconsport)

Inter Miami wants to become a “benchmark” with Messi

In two interviews with Mundo Deportivo and the Spanish Press Agency, EFE, Xavier Asensi, general manager of Inter Miami, did not hide that his club still hoped to see Lionel Messi arrive, sooner or later. ” Leo Messi cannot be compared to any other footballer. That said, what we are looking for is to be the benchmark for football in the United States and for that, the important thing is the players and the show that you are able to give. To give it, you need the best players and having them is a real objective of our club.“, he explained in particular.

For Asensi, the ball is in Lionel Messi’s court: It depends on him and his will. We want to have the best players in the world and I think Messi is the best in history. We want to be the benchmark for football in the USA, that’s one of the objectives of the property. » Will the presence of another European football legend, David Beckham at the head of Inter Miami, weigh in the balance when it comes to choosing?

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