a cold brew coffee flavored with French vanilla

This time, Justin and Tim set out to create a new version of the brand’s most iconic product: Canada’s favorite coffee.

During the brainstorming sessions with the Tim team for the second collaboration, Justin told us that he preferred his coffee on ice. So we created a new flavor of Tim Hortons Cold Brew Coffee, made with 100% quality Arabica beans from ethical sources and slowly cold brewed for 16 hours to enhance the smooth, smooth flavor.

Also inspired by his slight penchant for the sweet and his love for the delicious hints of vanilla in his coffee, Justin and our beverage innovation team developed a creamy French vanilla flavor to accompany our cold brew coffee. Biebs Brew is the perfect combination of these two beloved Tim Hortons flavors.

“We couldn’t stop at Timbiebs, we also needed a Biebs Brew. Both will be available at Tim Hortons next month,” said Justin. “Collaborating with Tim Hortons has always been a dream of mine. Tim Hortons has been a part of my life since childhood, and has always been close to my heart. »

All three flavors of Timbiebs (Chocolate & White Fudge, Sour Cream & Chocolate Chip, and Birthday Cake Waffle) will return to Tim Hortons restaurants across Canada and in the United States at the same time as the launch of Biebs Brew on June 6.

Tim Hortons restaurants in Canada will also receive the limited-edition Biebs Brew tumbler, created in collaboration with Justin Bieber, for guests to purchase. These stainless steel cups are equipped with a reusable straw and are suitable for both hot and cold drinks. They will also go on sale June 6, while supplies last. Select Tim Hortons restaurants will also receive limited quantities of Biebs guest merchandise, including the toque, fanny pack and reusable bag, also designed in collaboration with Justin.

“The Timbiebs have been a huge success, truly beyond all of our expectations! It’s the authenticity of the partnership that explains their popularity,” said Hope Bagozzi, Chief Marketing Officer, Tim Hortons.

“Even before the Timbiebs collaboration, Justin often spoke of his love for the brand and the fact that he grew up with Tim Hortons. It is his commitment to working with us to add a natural and authentic touch to the Tim experience that explains the success of the Timbiebs. We know our guests will love his version of Tim’s cold brew coffee. »

About Tim Hortons

In 1964, the first Tim Hortons® restaurant opened in hamiltonin Ontarioand for all these years, Canadians have been ordering the original blend coffee, Deux-Deux coffeesCMsignature donuts and Timbits® Tim Hortons. For 55 years, Tim Hortons delights the heart and satisfies the tastes of the people here. It has become the symbol of Canada’s favorite coffee. With nearly 4,000 restaurants spread across Canada, Tim Hortons is the largest chain of restaurants operating in the fast food industry in the country. More than just a place where we prepare coffee and pastries, Tim Hortons is part of the Canadian social fabric and offers guests hot and cold specialty beverages (including lattes, cappuccinos, espresso shots, teas and our famous iced cappuccinos), as well as delicious breakfasts, sandwiches and wraps, succulent soups, and much more. Tim Hortons operates more than 5,100 restaurants in Canada, in the United States and around the world. For more information on Tim Hortonsplease visit TimHortons.ca.

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