A Colombian fan of Billie Eilish managed to get her to record herself with her phone

This Sunday March 26 Colombia lived a dream: to see the American singer Billie Eilish perform for the first time in the country. She did nothing more and nothing less than like headliner of the Estéreo Picnic Festival and in the company of his brother and right hand in music finneaswho also has a solo career.

Inside of set list he included his biggest hits, but also songs that have not had a music video, but that his fans chanted. Thus, from the Briceño golf course, songs such as ‘I love you’, ‘Ilomilo’, ‘NDA’, ‘Your Power’, ‘Ocean Eyes’ and, of course, ‘Happier Than Ever’, with which hill.

Every moment was unforgettable for those who witnessed the show. However, there was one particularly special one.

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In one of the interludes, in which he took the opportunity to interact with the public, the singer noticed a cell phone lying on the stage catwalk. She approached him and immediately said: “It has been recording for 43 minutes”, practically what he wore on show. The curious thing is that instead of leaving it in her place, she decided to take it, record a selfie-type video and focus on the public, who could not help but scream at the top of their lungs with emotion.

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Well, the lucky owner of the cell phone appeared, who told how he achieved his mission.

First, he tied a rope and secured it with tape, so that it would not come unstuck. Then he put a fairly resistant lining, since the plan was to throw it with the greatest force so that he could reach the stage.

For it, Jacobo made sure to arrive at 1 pm -despite the fact that the concert began at 11:15 pm, more than 10 hours later- and thus managed to be in the front row. By the time ‘Oxytocin’ came on and Billie asked everyone to get down and jump very high, the young man threw him onto the stage.

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In the end, it was an act of courage that could turn out very badly or very well and, fortunately, it filled not only Jacobo with joy, but everyone present.

Here you can see the story time complete:

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