A Colombian hospital among the best in the world in 2022

It is the first time that Colombia is included in this ranking.  Reference image.

It is the first time that Colombia is included in this ranking. Reference image.

Photo: Carlos Rosas – Mauricio Alvarado Lozada

Magazine Newsweek of the United States presented to the public the ranking of the 225 best hospitals in the world in 2022. Within the list, only one is Colombian: the Fundación Valle del Lili University Hospital, located in Caliwhich was ranked number 149. This is the first time that the country is included in the list.

The ranking collects the best hospitals in 27 countries selected based on life expectancy, population size, number of hospitals and data availability. The research was supported by the Statista portal, which helped collect data from 2,200 hospitals.

Meanwhile, the top 5 hospitals in Colombia It was made up of: the Valle del Lili Foundation University Hospital (Cali), the Santa Fe Foundation (Bogotá), the Pablo Tobón Uribe Hospital (Medellín), the San Vicente de Paul Hospital Foundation (Medellín) and the San Ignacio University Hospital (Bogotá). .

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The research methodology was based on three lines. First, more than 80,000 medical experts (doctors, hospital directors and health professionals).

Second, a review of the patient experience surveys, open to the public. These are usually done by insurance companies after hospitalization. Some of the themes were: general satisfaction, hospital recommendation and satisfaction with medical care.

Finally, key medical performance indicators (KPI’s for its acronym in English), which include factors such as the quality of treatments, hygiene measures, patient safety and the number of patients per doctor and nurse.

The value of each line on the ranking was distributed as follows: recommendation of medical experts (55%), patient experience (15%) and KPIs (30%).

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“The results of this ranking should not be used as the sole source of information for future deliberations. The information provided (…) should be considered in conjunction with other available information about hospitals or, if possible, accompanied by a visit to a center, ”said Newsweek magazine.

The selected countries were United States, Germany, Japan, South Korea, France, Italy, United Kingdom, Spain, Brazil, Canada, India, Australia, Mexico, Netherlands, Austria, Thailand, Switzerland, Sweden, Belgium, Finland, Norway, Denmark, Israel, Singapore, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates and Colombia.

The top 5 worldwide It is made up of Mayo Clinic (Rochester, United States), Cleveland Clinic (Cleveland, United States), Massachusetts General Hospital (Boston, United States), Toronto General – University Health Network (Toronto, Canada) and Charité – Universitätsmedizin Berlin (Berlin, Germany). ).

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