A company from Saint-Jean-de-Braye produces an ad for Rihanna, 13 people died of an accident at work in 2021 … among the 5 news for this Tuesday, May 17 in the Loiret

What happened this Tuesday, in Orléans and in the Loiret? And above all, what to remember from the news? Here is a selection of five information published on larep.fr today. It’s 8:30 p.m., here’s our recap.


The audiovisual production company Factum was contacted by the communication team of Fenty Beauty, singer Rihanna’s cosmetics brand. The company abraysienne filmed the production of Fenty Beauty eau de parfum at Dior. The video has over a million likes. Learn more


A 35-year-old man was on trial on Tuesday May 17 for causing the death of two people at the end of 2019. © David Creff

A 35-year-old man was on trial Tuesday, May 17 for causing the death of two people, end of 2019when he had been drinking and had just gotten his license back… Learn more


The gendarmes had implemented all the means at their disposal to find the body of a man who had fallen from his vehicle into a pond in Jargeau at the end of 2021. © Alban Gourgousse

On April 28, 2022, the world day for health and safety at work. What about in the Loiret at the level of fatal work accidents, a scourge throughout the world? Learn more


To date, 342 people are hospitalized in the Centre-Val de Loire. Illustrative photo. © Jérémie FULLERINGER

The number of hospitalizations is still falling in Loiret and Centre-Val de Loire. In its bulletin published this Tuesday afternoon, the Regional Health Agency reports 342 people hospitalized in the Centre-Val de Loire. Learn more


The City of Orléans carried out a preventive action with the establishments of the rue de Bourgogne, this Tuesday, May 17. © Sarah Bourletias

Since the beginning of the year, three complaints were filed in the Loiret by young women claiming to have been drugged without their knowledge, probably GHB. To warn about the risks associated with “chemical submission”, a preventive action was carried out on rue de Bourgogne, in Orléansthis Tuesday. Learn more

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